• encyclopath

    Which one is more good

    As for Samsung Galaxy Grand – I don’t like its big size. Is samsung galaxy express as big as galaxy grand and does it have same features as galaxy grand? I checked its specification in fonearena and in that it is mentioned it has same specification as galaxy grand but what about the size?

    Also what about galaxy s duos – it is available in Rs. 13000 only but is it as good as galaxy grand?

  • Kristian

    The mobile brand can be anything but of good quality phone

  • evangldbrg

    Can anyone please help by telling me how many Official Samsung Galaxy Smart-phones have been released after the Samsung Galaxy ace.

  • dubmecrazy3

    I have been browsing on ebay for iphones and i heard the 3g phones will get cheaper with the upcoming release of 4g. I am just curious to know what the average prices would be and when would be the best time to purchase a 3g iPhone? Thank You for viewing this question.

  • MexicanDude

    Hi guys,
    I’m buying samsung galaxy grand duos this sunday so guys please explain The offers that samsung are offering with this phone that is free 50 GB of online storage on dropbox and free download from my services etc my question is,Is there any validity for this offers or should we pay for it…?

  • simply complicated


    I’m more passionate about the Android mobiles. Along with that, I’m looking to purchase a dual sim facilitation mobile with the DUAL ACTIVE option(while talking in SIM1, I should get waiting for SIM2 calls[without mobile operator call forwarding support]). So please suggest me such DUAL ACTIVE android mobiles. It will be great, if you can list out the SAMSUNG mobiles.

    I heard Galaxy S Duos & Galaxy Grand Duos are DUAL ACTIVE mobiles. But, while I check with the dealers, they are telling that its just DUAL STANDBY not ACTIVE Please clear from this controversial!

  • xiM Clutch

    I have a Galaxy Grand Duos bought in india. I need to go to korea. will this phone work with korean sim cards? i wud be staying there for a year..

  • Jon P

    please provide a reasonable answer, i.e value for money,good performance,touch & camera.

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