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Enhancing Your Organization’s Collective Intelligence Using Twitter | Social Media Blazer!
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Enhancing Your Organization’s Collective Intelligence Using Twitter


Twitter strategy within your company

In Case You’re like me, you spend a pretty good period of time studying.

Instructing your self about what you are promoting. Business developments. New considering. Previous thinking. Learning about what the competitors is as much as. Paying Attention To your customers. And Far, much more.

I’d be willing to bet that you just’re not the only one to your Group doing this both.

Now think about if you should have get admission to to the entire easiest information, articles, whitepapers, stories, and resources that your coworkers are listening to.

Also imagine if they’d get admission to to the whole lot you have been trying out online.

You Could all be higher for it, proper?

You’d all have get entry to to essentially the most attention-grabbing, concept-provoking pondering on hand, and be smarter and more knowledgeable because of this.

This would possibly even save you a little bit of time. Having a collective contributing to the curation of the very best, most relevant content material signifies that every person isn’t left to their very own devices (and lunch breaks) to do it themselves.

Let’s get into it. Here’s how you need to use Twitter to beef up your Organization’s collective intelligence.

Getting Set Up

First, you’re going to want a Twitter account (clearly).

Set Up an account as you in most cases would, but I Recommend adjusting your privacy settings to offer protection to your tweets in order that your competition received’t be capable of make the most of your Organization’s inner feed.

Arrange curation, contribution and support

Define roles.

Volunteer to be the lead curator, responsible for collecting content material and publishing it for everybody’s merit.

Promote that you’re doing this to your Organization in order that they recognize the way to expertise the advantages and get involved with the aid of contributing their best finds.

Achieve the fortify of senior management to truly supply this initiative a shot in the arm. Having the enhance of your management crew will assist this plan to in point of fact take off, and to realize the attention it deserves from the rest of your Organization.

Establish a hashtag

Select a somewhat imprecise, or very particular hashtag and have all individuals use it as a way to simply to find the content material they believe is relevant to the remainder of your Organization.

You don’t want to Make A Selection anything that is likely to be used by using other Twitter customers as a result of it is going to taint your search outcomes. You’ll feel free in case your search outcomes best yield your coworkers’ content material and you don’t wish to syphon via different conversations taking place on Twitter to seek out what your coworkers tweets.

Search and retweet

Set Up a search stream in HootSuite on your hashtag and retweet everything your coworkers are tweeting Using that hashtag.

Absorb the goodness

And that’s it… make contributions when you come across something precious, and enjoy the drift of fascinating content material from your coworkers.

BONUS – Newsletters

When You’ve Got any passion in in reality going above and beyond along with your Twitter content curation project, believe growing and distributing simple monthly newsletters that includes links to what you deem to be the most interesting pieces of content material for anyone that can have ignored it in their feed. I’m sure there can be more than only a few folks that find this to be useful In The Event You’re up to it.


How do you share knowledge internally to your Organization?

Is that information accrued any place for future reference?

As at all times, it might be great to listen to from you within the feedback, or on Twitter @RGBSocial




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