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Facebook forces some users to reset passwords because of Adobe data breach


IDG Information Provider – Facebook locked some customers out of their accounts after determining that their log-in credentials had been uncovered because of a safety breach at Adobe. The Company is asking users who used the same log-in credentials for Adobe’s on-line services and products and Fb to verify their identification and alter their password.

When looking to log in, Facebook users who fall into that class will see a safety advised informing them that “there used to be a security incident on another website unrelated to Facebook” and that their accounts are at risk as a result of they were the usage of the same password in both locations.

“To stable your account, you can want to answer a few questions and alter your password,” the Facebook safety message says. “In Your safety, no one can see you on Facebook except you end.”

“We’re proactive about discovering sources of compromised passwords on the internet,” Fb safety engineer Chris Lengthy mentioned in a comment to a blog put up about this motion by way of safety reporter Brian Krebs. “Thru practice, we have turn into extra efficient and effective at defending money owed with credentials which were leaked, and we use an automatic course of for securing those debts.”

A Facebook spokesman within the U.Okay. proven Lengthy’s comment is professional, but declined to share more information. The spokesman would not say how many Facebook customers have been littered with this security measure or what questions those users want to solution with a purpose to regain get admission to to their accounts.

In early October,  Adobe introduced that hackers broke into its interior pc network and stole source code for a few merchandise, in addition to information on 2.9 million shoppers including their log-in IDs and encrypted passwords for Adobe’s on-line products and services.

After a file containing 150 million Adobe user names and encrypted passwords regarded online late remaining month, The Company revised its estimation and stated that the breach affected approximately 38 million lively customers.

Researchers who seemed on the leaked file concluded that the encryption utilized by Adobe combined with quite a lot of consumer-provided guidelines accompanying the passwords made it conceivable for attackers to bet a lot of them.

“We used the plaintext passwords that had already been labored out by researchers,” Lengthy stated. “We took those recovered plaintext passwords and ran them Through the identical code that we use to check your [Facebook] password at login time.”

Facebook would possibly no longer be the only firm taking proactive measures as a result of the Adobe breach.

According To Krebs, some consumers of Diapers.com and Cleaning Soap.com, two web pages operated by Amazon-owned online retailer Quidsi, bought emails over the weekend informing them that their account passwords were reset because they matched those on a list of leaked credentials that regarded on-line, however didn’t originate from the two websites.




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