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Joan Rivers Is A Self Proclaimed "Scary Lady Upstairs!" Locked In An Ugly Lawsuit With Former NYC Apartment Owner! Get The Deets HERE!!


Joan Rivers has 15 million dollar lawsuit from NYC condo owner

Just when Joan Rivers idea one lawsuit used to be finished, she gets hit with another!

The Fashion Police host is being sued for $15 MILLION with the aid of Elizabeth Hazan, a former condo Proprietor within the constructing where Joan lives and is the president of the board!

So, what brought this catfight on???

Neatly, the entire downside comes from the truth that Elizabeth has $200,000 in unpaid Rental fees! So Joan did what any board president would do…and brought hell upon the tenant!?

Elizabeth has said that the wires were reduce in her cable box, locks were filled with glue, and she or he was even denied entry into the building!

That Doesn’t sound correct! You couldn’t have despatched her a simple discover, Joan?

However, cling the telephone.

Now Not only is she speaking about what was carried out to her Apartment, But Elizabeth also says that the one cause this is going down is as a result of Joan has some type of private vendetta against her.

What within the glory of Zac Efron‘s beautiful face does that imply????

She said:

“Her downside with me is that I Am young, she’s previous, I Am stunning, she’s unpleasant,” stated Hazan, who’s 41. “With Out makeup she seems like the Joker in Batman…She spat in my face and called me a whore in entrance of my mother and brother after they were visiting me. Most imply lady which you can imagine.”

Holy hell, what the WHAT!?!?!

We mean, sure, Joan could be very much all for her appears to be like and all, But that declare is beautiful ridiculous! And we TRULY don’t assume Joan is one to SPIT on any individual, I mean, maybe spit insults, But Now Not actual saliva!!

This seems like a pretty intense battle for one thing that will have been resolved if Elizabeth would have Simply paid her Condo fees!!!

We Can’t WAIT to listen to Joan’s response to Elizabeth’s attack on her look!!

What do U recall to mind this whole debacle? Who in the right in this catfight???

[Image via Dan Jackman/WENN.]

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