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Real-Life Spartacus Fights for His Starbucks Frappuccino




The long line at a crowded Starbucks can get a little testy when everyone simply needs to snatch their Peppermint Mochas and get on with the day

So you could imagine the scene at a New York Starbucks when Improv All Over urged 20 — sure, 20 — different men to come back ahead for a drink made below the name “Spartacus.”

Within The improv team’s chaotic prank in keeping with Stanley Kubrick’s 1960 traditional Spartacus, men scattered during the cafe ready area came forth to claim the drink, shouting “I’m Spartacus!”

The clip’s punchline comes at the finish, when the “Real” Spartacus, dressed in Roman armor, presentations up to declare his Frappuccino as soon as and for all. Read Extra…

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