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Tikker’s Clairvoyant Watch and Other Top Comments


When Tikker introduced a watch that counts down your Existence this week, Mashable readers responded with a mix of anxiety and a desire to carpe diem.

News of the Human Mind Venture, a analysis effort to engineer a pc that mimics our Mind’s habits, produced in a similar fashion mixed reactions. The Undertaking’s intended output can be a scientific feat, however many readers weren’t prepared to peer the line between human and Computer made so skinny.

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In Different News: Yahoo Mail’s makeover impressed some readers, Whereas others have been quick to note how an identical the improve’s look used to be to that of Gmail.

Regardless Of their electronic mail preferences, many users found themselves evaluating their daily habits according to knowledge detailing how Much time the common individual spends in front of a Monitor every day.

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Image: Flickr, Junichi Ishito




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