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Aaron Paul Helps Wedding Proposal! Watch His Purely AHmazing Cameo In The Engagement Video HERE!


What do you do when your female good friend of three years is a big Aaron Paul fan, and you want to spend the rest of your existence along side her?!

Yo, you ask Aaron to have a guest starring position in an engagement video…uh, b*tch!

no longer least difficult did Jason Lord sing a full band model of Mr. Huge‘s To Be With You to his girl good friend Jackie Prater, he recruited the Jesse Pinkman to help him get on bended knee!

and he or she stated “positive!” Now that the question is popped, they can pop the champagne!

Jason had donated to his Aaron’s spouse’s charity, so one just right deed deserves every other!

Ch-ch-check out the sweet video…AFTER THE SOAR!!!





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