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Britney Spears An Accidental Racist On Univision? See What Brit Blurted About Latino “Bad Boys” HERE!


She tried to warn us! She’s not that innocent!

you have to Have heard the sexual stereotypes in advance of, we’re certain! They Are all over!

Paleontologists do it in the mud! Chemists do it on a desk (periodically)! Rectal surgeons do it… well, you get the image!

We never belief our cherished Britney Spears offered into them, although!

In a contemporary Univision interview the super seXXXy and extremely-gifted songstress used to be asked about her relationship with the Latino group!

She loves them, obvs! Woo hoo! We Such As You back, gurl!

Alternatively our jaw dropped to the underside when Britney outlined the starting location of her Latino lust!

BritBrit published:

“I Imagine it is rather horny. I’ve always appreciated Latinos. They make me bring to mind a foul boy type that your father would no longer will let you exit with.”

Aye dios mio, chica – what are you pronouncing?

We notice the new-blooded Latino male is a perfect usual stereotype, But that you would be able to’t choose folks in keeping with their ethnicity! Or pores and skin coloration, sexual orientation, nationality, language, and even by the use of their favorite member of One Route!

You just can’t do it, Brit!

All people are diverse and pleasant snowflakes!!! Some dudes are “Unhealthy boys,” some are just right guys, some are hung like a portray at the Louvre!

You simply not at all understand unless you get to grasp the actual person on the inside!

See the complete interview (beneath)!





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