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Britney Spears’ ‘Perfume’ Leaves a Strong Scent of Product Placement




Britney Spears‘ latest single “Perfume” is basically a few threesome she will be able to’t escape. And the Track video is principally product placement that the target market can not escape

Within The Music video, Spears spends time in a lodge with her love passion, simplest to be reminded her guy has some other lady he doesn’t wish to Leave. Spears spritzes herself with a bottle of her private scent, hoping it pointers the other woman off to what her boyfriend has been doing.

britney_perfumeImage: Tumblr, britneyaddiction

The product placement though is mostly expected, bearing in mind the track’s title is “Perfume” and Spears has an extensive line of fragrances. Spears’ “Myth” assortment is at the moment the third best possible-selling famous person Perfume, following One Path’s “Our Second” and lady Gaga’s “Reputation.” Product placement of the Beats Pill speaker also appeared in two of her earlier Videos — “Work B**ch” and “Scream and Shout.” Learn Extra…

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