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Hugh Jackman Pulled A Houdini & VANISHED From Houdini The Musical!


Puhhhlease tell us that’s some cruel trick or phantasm! Is it smoke & mirrors? A sleight of hand!?

Lamentably, It Is no longer! This bad information is EXACT!!

Hugh Jackman announced he’s pulling out of Houdini the Broadway musical on account of a scheduling combat!!

Nooo!! this is probably the most un-magical Christmas existing i will be able to think about!

we have been itching for Wolverine to take off his claws and positioned on Houdini’s straight jacket for awhile now, so this development actually bums us out!

In a commentary Hugh printed:

“i’ve very so much enjoyed the collaborative process on Houdini. In A Roundabout Means, despite the fact that, I wasn’t able to decide to the time this function will require. I’ve very good recognize and admiration for the inventive crew and i want everyone the most effective. i do know they’re neatly on their strategy to making one thing out of the strange.”

it’s so Unhappy! Hugh was any such glorious magician in The Prestige! This looks like somebody sawed our heart in two!





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