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Movie Theater Plays Sex Scene Instead Of Disney’s Frozen!


Who’s the projectionist at this movie show? Tyler Durden?!

A movie theater in Pinellas Park, Florida was bowled over and horrified when a roughly two minute lengthy Sex scene came on the monitor (ew, not that method), As An Alternative of Disney‘s Frozen.

Already experiencing delays with the movie, the theater made up our minds to play an animated short time the target market waited, however in step with one grandparent there along with her grandchildren, one thing some distance more sexual went up (ew, not that means):

“They put in the filler, it looked like Steamboat Willie, the outdated Mickey Mouse cartoon, after which impulsively it goes into this different scene. It looked like perpetually when you are looking to, you recognize, quilt a bit man’s eyes. I did not have enough hands to duvet his ears too and he acquired the sound down real just right. You’re talking, what, a PG-rated film to abruptly have an R-rated scene up there for little kids? My issue is that there should be safeguards in position in order that this doesn’t occur again.”

The cinema supplied free tickets in compensation, however we wonder if they are able to adequately refund the misplaced innocence of hundreds of kids wanting to look a fuh-reaking cool animated film!!!

They needed 3D portraits, now not graphic triple Ds!

A spokesperson over at Regal Cinemas mentioned that their group of workers is working s this never occurs again. Even Though it can be unsure what scene performed Instead, it has been urged that it used to be the prolonged trailer for Nymphomaniac.

Looks Like folks had plenty of unnecessary explaining to do on the experience home.





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