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Taylor Swift Reaches A State Of Grace! Says It’s A Relief To Write From A Different Point Of View!


seems like writing songs from people’s views is sweeter than non-fiction for Taylor Swift!


The usa cutie took a smash from writing about her personal non-public lifestyles to focus on some fictional film characters!

TayTay launched the film-primarily based track Sweeter Than Fiction for Swifties in October as just a bit one thing to carry us all over the place in the intervening time.

Swifty dished about this new track writing path of, she talked about:

“I Believe it’s a bit of a Aid to take the point of interest off of my very own existence. It could possibly get stunning excessive writing (non-public) small print — that could be a very susceptible place to position your self in. However There’s a particular form of thrill you get from that recounting of your existence. there’s a totally different kind of thrill you get hoping you will have totally portrayed any individual else’s ideas that you are seeing so well done by means of these actors, James Corden and Mackenzie Criminal. The actors did this type of nice job it used to be moderately simple to get within their heads.”

While Sweeter Than Fiction was once once very good, it certainly does no longer top your more personal tracks!

Alternatively, we’re not adversarial when you wish to proceed writing songs for films!

We did love your sort out Katniss’ point of view from the Starvation Video Video Games!

Each method, just preserve writing extra songs, you musical genius!





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