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Meet The Good Wife's New and Surprising Couple in "Cooked"—But Where Was the Cooking?

Meet The Good Wife's New and Surprising Couple in "Cooked"—But Where Was the Cooking?


The Good Wife

The Good WifeCBS

A New couple rose from the ashes on the great Wife. No, not Alicia and Jason (he wasn’t even in this episode), However HOWARD LYMAN AND JACKIE FLORRICK. WHAT. They met at Alicia’s condominium when he visited to are trying to find Alicia’s lend a hand in bringing an ageism swimsuit in opposition to Lockhart/Agos and Lee. Once More WHAT. They danced, they kissed, they’d dinner, they exchanged favors. WHAT. “Cooked” Used To Be a wildly wonderful hour of the nice Wife with Extra twists and turns than typical. There Used To Be intrigue, romance, cooking segments and A Variety Of knocks on Alicia’s door. Let’s get into it.

To Start With, let me simply say this: I Was Once dissatisfied we didn’t get Extra with Alicia and Veronica. You Imply to tell me you get Stockard Channing to guest superstar and put her persona on a cooking show with Julianna Margulies‘ and we handiest see one very brief scene with them in fact in the kitchen? There has to be Extra of that on the slicing room floor, proper? What we did get Used To Be Great. Veronica pointed out now not being there for Alicia during the scandal. More of this! Extra of this! Extra of this! Ruth Used To Be not proud of the disaster, But Eli positive Was. ADEQUATE, now that that’s off my chest…

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The Good WifeCBS

The case of the week saw Alicia representing Morello’s husband from Orange Is the new Black (actual identify John Magaro. He’s in everything at the present time) in a designer drug case. Of Course Issues weren’t what they appeared! Magaro’s Roland wasn’t in point of fact a drug creator making A New GHB, he Used To Be an FBI agent working a sting in opposition to the bond court judge. How did Alicia Find out he Was lying about who he Was Once? Due To Grace. Sure, Grace is proving her price this season and It’s delightful. Issues took a turn when  Alicia confronted him about being within the FBI and it received even crazier when the decide denied the bribe and Alicia’s motion for dismissal, major Roland to think Alicia tipped off the decide. However It wasn’t Alicia it Was Once … Eli Gold! He tipped off the judge with a view to get some filth on Frank Landau. Finally, Eli Gold is given the arc he deserves. He’s scheming and making strikes and It’s Nice. The case Additionally created some friction between Lucca and Alicia and now I Love Lucca much more.

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The Good WifeCBS

Meanwhile, Howard’s ageism go well with Used To Be revealed by using David Lee and this royally pissed off Diane because she had simply visited Alicia and provided her the firm’s overflow cases. Diane misses Alicia! Why Can’t they be Chums? It’s Good To see how much she missed her when she Was talking to that intern. It felt a bit out of persona to me that Diane would fly over to Alicia’s condo and confront her, But however the 2 were via a lot. Let Them have some martinis and sing “Why Can’t We Be Chums” already!

So Howard and Jackie, sitting in a tree. Significantly. The surprising upward push of Howard Lyman is a welcome one, However I Am concerned it’ll end along with his loss of life. Or Jackie’s.  Lots Of transferring elements in this Excellent Wife, Issues are surely taking off.

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Gasp rely: 2

Another Issues:

“Hi. I Love your coasters.” – Howard Lyman greeting Alicia in her own home.

Jackie’s mother use to make her consume a clove of garlic for laughing. Is that a Thing? Additionally, can we talk about what I only assume is Jackie’s new intercourse hair with out her headband? What’s going down?

Diane appeared to take the shortage of love and relationship comment the intern made a bit too with regards to residence. Please don’t get rid of Gary Cole!

Julianna Margulies/Alicia continues to be the grasp of ~seems~. That appear she gave when asked to head on the cooking exhibit. “That You Would Be Able To be your self,” Eli advised her. “I Need you to be your self.” New Eli is A+.

In Fact Veronica Was under the influence of alcohol sooner than the cooking convey. When she known as Alicia out  on the tone of her voice, the irony in it, it Was Once good. Repeating my displeasure from above—We Want Extra Veronica!

“Nice meeting. Thanks. Screw you.” — Lucca to Alicia. When Used To Be the last time anyone spoke like that to Alicia? It Is clean and interesting.

Margo Martindale is still a welcome foil and comedic addition to this convey.

the great Spouse airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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