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Thanks to Fitbit and Reddit, a husband found out he and his wife are pregnant

Thanks to Fitbit and Reddit, a husband found out he and his wife are pregnant


Girls and gentlemen, we will have discovered the being pregnant test of the 21st century. Or as a minimum it looks as if Reddit user YoungPTone did, as he discovered he and his wife are pregnant through very unconventional way, stories BBC.

YoungPTone, recognized in real existence as David Trinidad, needed a extra active lifestyle, and acquired himself, and eventually his spouse Ivonne, Fitbits. Ivonne used to be confused about what used to be happening to her Fitbit, and advised David that it may well be defective, since it persistently showed an expanded coronary heart price of A Hundred And Ten beats per minute, together with her activity not matching up with the expanded coronary heart fee.

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Trinidad took to Reddit, hoping to get an answer to this dilemma, when Reddit consumer Thatwasunpleasant introduced up the likelihood that the couple is pregnant. This would make experience, due to the fact that Trinidad advised BBC Radio 5 he and his wife were actively seeking to make a child and it would account for the improved coronary heart charge. Trinidad and Ivonne in the end went to a doctor, with assessments revealing that, yes, the couple is anticipating.

“It’s our first kid; she hasn’t been a mother prior to and that i haven’t been a dad sooner than,” said Trinidad. “I was once aware about one of the most early signs of being pregnant, however accelerated heart rate wasn’t amongst them.”

Trinidad shared the good news on Reddit, updating his publish by using announcing he and his spouse expect the baby to reach this October. In Addition, Trinidad mentioned he does no longer work for Fitbit and that his post was once now not a type of guerrilla advertising and marketing. “I’m a regular man who was once simply looking for the communities [sic] lend a hand along with his spouse’s expertise issue (we’ve all been there, proper?),” wrote Trinidad.

Trinidad and Ivonne even set up Instagram and Twitter pages, each of which cheekily use “babyfitbit” as the username, for those focused on keeping up with news regarding their unborn child. We’ll no doubt preserve tabs on each pages as we congratulate the couple and hope they have got a secure and wholesome being pregnant and supply.


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