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Pokemon Go Is Coming to Apple Watch


Niantic announced at Apple‘s press experience in San Francisco Wednesday that it is bringing Pokemon Go to Apple Watch.

Pokemon Go permits Users to seize Pokemon with the aid of exploring the true world around them. With Pokemon Go on Apple Watch, Customers will have the ability to report any walks they take whereas playing Pokemon Go as “workouts” within the Apple Watch utility. All The Way Through a exercise, the Apple Watch app will display the user’s present workout time, distance traveled and energy burned, and it will additionally express a selection of local Pokemon.

The Apple Watch app will notify Users when wild Pokemon seem, and players will be capable of take out their telephones to take a look at to seize them throughout the primary Pokemon Go app. As Well As, the Apple Watch app will alert Customers after they’re near PokeStops. Customers will have the ability to gather objects from PokeStops with the aid of swiping on the Apple Watch’s display.

When a user ends their Pokemon Go exercise, the Apple Watch app will show a summary of their activity, together with their workout time, distance traveled and energy burned, as well as any items they accrued Right Through the workout.

In Other Places, Users will be capable to preserve monitor of how far they need to stroll to hatch Pokemon eggs on the Apple Watch display. When players walk the required distances, they’ll be capable to hatch Pokemon eggs on the Apple Watch.

During the Apple experience, John Hanke, founder and CEO of Niantic, mentioned Pokemon Go has surpassed 500 million international downloads for the reason that recreation’s release in July. In Addition, Hanke said, gamers have together walked more than Four.6 billion kilometers while playing the game.

Pokemon Go is anticipated to launch on Apple Watch later this year.

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