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More Milo Yiannopoulos Awfulness Is Going Viral — See What He Said About Campus Rape Statistics!

More Milo Yiannopoulos Awfulness Is Going Viral — See What He Said About Campus Rape Statistics!

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Milo Yiannopoulos desperately wanted folks to be all ears to him. So he Mentioned increasingly more Horrific concerns except for other people finally tuned in.

Neatly, now they may be listening (14:Fifty Nine, 14:Fifty Eight, 14:Fifty Seven…) and shock, shock — they is also stunned and disgusted at what He Is been announcing!

Video: Watch Larry Wilmore Tell Milo ‘Go Fuck Yourself’ On Actual Time!

Amid his scandalous comments on the subject of pedophilia, this vid goes viral of the creator of the upcoming e-e-book CPAC keynote speaker professional troll pronouncing Additional horrific issues, this time Whereas guesting on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast back in July of final Three Hundred And Sixty Five Days.

While discussing sexual assault and harassment Statistics on campus, Milo began off with the aid of using outright disregarding the numbers, sayin

“in any case the ones-that-do-contain-intercourse rape stories are all frauds and hoaxes.”

Ick. in truth?? All of them. there’s no rape on campuses? Bought it.

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He goes on:

“the ones that do not involve intercourse, the sort ‘oh, hideous, Any Person touched my breast, how Dangerous’ — what’s a woman really telling you there? She telling you that Someone was as soon as sexually taken with her. it is a kind of bragging, isn’t it?”

Host Joe Rogan, a much more low-cost Person than Milo (lowest bar ever), rejects that belief:

“Well, it is except any person does In Reality contact your breast in an undesirable way… if some man simply comes up and grabs your tit, that’s sexual assault.”

Milo’s dismissive response?

“Oh gawd. Our folks’ know-how would have grew to become ’round and Stated, ‘Preserve your fuckin’ hands to Yourself,’ and moved on with their lives. They do not have gone into school administration and tried to spoil the man’s acceptance and life over it. it may be now not that giant a deal. Any Individual touched your tit. Get Well From it.”

he’s most probably proper about previous generations reporting assault some distance much less. On The Other Hand um… why does he suppose they’d been proper??

Associated: Donald Trump Is In Milo’s Camp

just some many years up to now, Milo would have found it incredibly troublesome to be openly gay with out concern of turning into a pariah or worse! Does he are looking to roll again the clock on that one as Neatly??

We honestly cannot Inform if he’s trolling proper right here or just hates girls a lot he is prepared to be utterly illogical.

the entire dialog is pushing three hours, However you can uncover the sexual assault speak about starting at about 1:47:Forty One (beneath)!

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