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Injured surfer Kai Lenny gets back in the water by slapping a hydrofoil on a boogie board


Kai Lenny has given injured surfers a technique to get into the water with the aid of slapping a hydrofoil on a boogie board.

Water and Kai Lenny go hand in hand, so when the 24-yr-old surfer injures his ankle, he finds a option to preserve going. Considering That browsing could aggravate the harm, Lenny has grew to become to the good, oldschool boogie board. To spice it up just a little, his version happens to have a hydrofoil hooked up to it.

Lenny injured his ankle Whereas windsurfing a few weeks ago. Itching to get again within the water, he used his down time to create what he’s calling the Boogie Foil. Like hydrofoils discovered on boats, the Boogie Foil lifts the board out of the water to scale back drag and raise pace. It also has the additional advantage of engaged on smaller swells than a standard boogie board would.

As he explains in the video, “I broke my ankle, and now I’m on the mend. And the only method to get on the water and do one thing that is fresh, quick, and exciting, I figured why not put a foil on a boogie board?”

After giving the Boogie Foil a check run, the scan appears to be like to be a hit. “It seems to be something I may do when my ankle’s tremendous,” says Lenny with a laugh.

Closing month, as part of a statewide cleanup of each Hawaiian island, Lenny achieved his longest hydrofoil experience but. With one hooked up to his surfboard, he traversed the Alenuihāhā channel between the large island of Hawaii and Maui. The channel is regarded as a particularly bad stretch of water, but Lenny rode an excellent 50 miles between the islands. While the islands are most effective 30 miles aside, his actual trajectory wasn’t a straight line.

Whether the Boogie Foil catches on or now not is any individual’s bet, but, in any case, Lenny has found a approach to stay in the water despite his harm.

Article source: http://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/hydrofoil-boogie-board/

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