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QUIZ: What Type Of Horror Movie Is Your Life?

QUIZ: What Type Of Horror Movie Is Your Life?

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As the nice Jamie Kennedy once stated in Scream, “there are particular rules that one must abide By Using so as to successfully live on a horror Film.”

In Fact, he came about to be dwelling in a slasher movie — however we all know from years of cinematic scares there are a lot of various kinds of horror films to continue to exist!

Simply because you’re not being stalked By Means Of a serial killer doesn’t mean you’re safe from different horrors like ghosts, zombies, or monsters.

Or maybe the true villain for your horror Film Lifestyles is… yourself!?

Via answering a number of easy questions on your Existence, you will see that out what form of giant reveal nightmare you might be living in!

Take the quiz… for those who dare (under)!

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