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Stop what you’re doing, the original Tamagotchi is back

Stop what you’re doing, the original Tamagotchi is back

For Those Who didn’t have the ability to get your fingers on an original Tamagotchi Twenty Years ago — now is your likelihood. 

Japanese toy maker Bandai has re-released the first adaptation of the digital pocket pet, full with The Original six characters we used to know and love. 

Any of these look familiar?

Any of those appear acquainted?

Image: bandai/youtube

Bandai’s ALSO stayed faithful to the six hardware designs it first released, although there’s one substantial distinction — The Brand New Tamagotchi is 1/2 the dimensions of The Original.


The original (on the left) and the re-released version (on the right)

The Unique (on the left) and the re-launched model (on the fitting)


That Then Again, did little to discourage Jap netizens, who have snapped up the toy.

“I bought the Tamagotchi! It Can Be smaller than I Assumed it will be however oh the reminiscences!” said one Eastern user on Twitter.

“I came to purchase this immediately at Tamagotchi’s Twentieth anniversary,” some other stated.

“The eggs were sold out in an instant! People were getting increasingly impatient…” one brought.

The Original Tamagotchis, which were launched in 1996 in Japan, speedy gained a cult-like following, and have been launched in the U.S. and Europe in 1997.

However, they were quickly up to date with new releases that had different characters and functions from The Unique.

This is what Tamagotchis look like today

That Is what Tamagotchis appear to be today

Image: screenshot/tamagotchi friends us

For The Reason That then, the 1996 Tamagotchi has long gone on to turn out to be a prized item, selling on Amazon for as high as $One Hundred Thirty. 

To Put that into context, the Tamagotchi was once offered for simply $17.Ninety Nine in 1997.

The Brand New Tamagotchi brings that worth back down to $13.Fifty Five (1,500 yen) but is handiest on hand for now in outlets in Japan. It Is Also promoting on Amazon Japan, for $17.36. 

Oh what we are going to do for a slice of nostalgia. 

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