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7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the BlackBerry KEYone

7 reasons why you shouldn’t buy the BlackBerry KEYone

I gotta hand it to BlackBerry for getting everybody so hyped for its new flagship KEYOne Phone

It’s the sort of polarizing Telephone. I’m truthfully torn on the KEYone. On the one hand, It Can Be the perfect BlackBerry in years, Eventually efficiently melding Android with a touchscreen, a bodily keyboard, and a striking metal design. On The Other Hand, the KEYone still falls brief compared to the latest top class phones just like the iPhone 7, Galaxy S8, and Google Pixel.

If you have not already read it, go inspect the 11 causes I Feel the KEYone is worth allotting $550 (unlocked worth) for, as a result of this text’s all about why you shouldn’t purchase it.

Is the KEYone right for you or no longer? I Will’t make that decision for you. However with a bit of luck you’ll make a more knowledgeable determination after studying each the professionals and cons.

1. It Is thick and ponderous in an industrial more or less manner 

Top to bottom: iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and BlackBerry KEYone

Top to backside: iPhone 7, Google Pixel, and BlackBerry KEYone

Picture: lili sams/mashable

When You Are searching for one of the crucial thinnest and lightest phones, you will not in finding it within the KEYone. BlackBerry’s latest flagship is big-boned and proud of it. The aluminum body’s thick, However good-looking thanks to the rounded bottom corners and flat High. I actually like it; It Is so anti-iPhone that It Is surprisingly clean. Even the big metallic ring around the rear Digital Camera is attractive as a result of it suits so smartly with the Cellphone’s industrial seem to be.

2. The keyboard is… gentle

Picture: lili sams/mashable

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with the KEYone’s keyboard. Whereas I applaud BlackBerry for being courageous sufficient to promote a Phone with a QWERTY keyboard in 2017, I in my view do not precisely adore it. It Is a fine keyboard, However I find they keys to be too delicate for my fats thumbs. I Might have most well-liked the BlackBerry Daring’s keys, which aren’t as flat. That mentioned, the QWERTY keyboard continues to be one of the most absolute best on any Telephone and also you should undoubtedly are attempting it for your self to look if you happen to like it.

3. Typing in panorama mode sucks

Image: lili sams/mashable

There’ll for sure be times when you want to enter text in panorama mode on a digital keyboard. It’s these occasions when you’ll be able to curse the KEYone because you’ll be able to principally wish to attain over the keyboard with one hand with a purpose to % at the on-monitor keyboard. Doing so is tremendous uncomfortable and made me sort slower.

4. Comfort key is to hand, However poorly positioned

The Convenience key (bottom button) is in a terrible spot.

Picture: lili sams/mashable

With The Exception Of the programmable keyboard, the KEYone’s ALSO obtained a Convenience key situated on the suitable aspect for the Phone beneath the volume rocker. BlackBerry purists will love its inclusion for mapping a shortcut, However its placement is questionable. I stored accidentally pressing the convenience key with the palm of my hand every time I gripped the Phone.

5. The Power button is in a awful position

Lefties might love the left-sided power button, but everyone else will hate it.

Lefties might love the left-sided power button, However everybody else will hate it.

Picture: lili sams/mashable

And speaking of poorly-placed buttons on the Phone, comparable goes for The Facility button, which is located on the higher left aspect. I hated the left-sided energy button on TCT’s Alcatel Android telephones like the Idol 4S and that i still hate it on the KEYone. There Is a it’s because most Android phones and the iPhone have power buttons on the appropriate aspect: It’s easy for thumbs to press and reach. Lefties, however, will most probably find it irresistible.

6. Digital Camera can’t compare with Pixel’s

Picture: lili sams/mashable

The KEYone takes respectable images, But they’re not as good as the iPhone 7 or Google Pixel’s, regardless of having the identical Image sensor as the latter. As I anticipated, the KEYone’s 12-megapixel images simply cannot compete with the Pixel’s advanced instrument processing, which is able to considerably beef up dynamic range and beef up low-mild pictures. Ditto for selfies; they look high quality from the Eight-megapixel front-dealing with Digital Camera, however the Pixel’s selfie Digicam is still better. 

If having easiest-in-category cameras is not a deal breaker, then with the aid of all means, ignore what I Am pronouncing. I might are living with the KEYone’s images — they’re indubitably the best on any BlackBerry ever — But I Need the perfect Digital Camera, especially for low-gentle pictures and there are simply higher choices available.

7. The name is terrible

KEYone? What used to be BlackBerry thinking when it came up with this name? KEYone couldn’t sound any further bland and uncool. Calling it the “new BlackBerry Bold” would have elicited extra nostalgic feels than KEYone.

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