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Apple is secretly funding a legal battle against a rival | Social Media Blazer!
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Apple is secretly funding a legal battle against a rival


Fits, countersuits, and everything in between. When Apple and billions of dollars are concerned, you know things are going to get messy. 

Neatly, messy and interesting. As A Result Of, in what can simplest be read as a “don’t mess with us” play from Apple CEO Tim Prepare Dinner, it turns out that the Cupertino-primarily based behemoth is financially backing the criminal safety of four iPhone producers of their combat with Qualcomm — A Company that just so happens to personal the chip expertise that permits iPhones to connect with cell information networks. 

And while in the beginning glance this may occasionally seem like a Peter Thiel-esque criminal combat through proxy, Apple’s motivation seems to be mostly industry (and most likely handiest partly personal). 

This Is what’s going down: As Reuters reviews, on July 18, Wistron Corp, Compal Electronics Inc, Pegatron Corp, and Foxconn’s mum or dad Hon Hai Precision Trade Co all claimed antitrust violations by way of Qualcomm. Specifically, The Businesses allege Qualcomm violated the Sherman Act — an 1890 U.S. federal legislation “aimed toward retaining free and unfettered competitors as the rule of thumb of exchange.”

However this transfer didn’t come out of thin air. Relatively, it stems from an ongoing legal dispute between Apple and Qualcomm. Apple sued the company in January over unpaid patent license rebates, claiming Qualcomm owed it close to $1 billion, and instructed the aforementioned iPhone manufacturers to cease license funds to Qualcomm while the whole lot acquired worked out in court. 

Qualcomm then sued them all. But, with somewhat assist from Apple, they’re no longer taking it mendacity down. 

A Pegatron building in Shanghai, China.

A Pegatron building in Shanghai, China.


“Qualcomm has proven publicly that this lawsuit towards our clients is meant to make a point about Apple and punish our clients for working with Apple,” lawyer Theodore J. Boutrous, who is working with the four manufacturers, mentioned in a statement picked up by means of Reuters. “The Businesses are bringing their very own claims and defenses in opposition to Qualcomm.”

It’s now not precisely clear when Apple, it sounds as if now not one to shy away from a struggle, stepped in — However stepped in it has. An Organization spokesperson established to the wire provider that It Can Be throwing down money for the four manufacturers’ prison tussle. With someplace in the neighborhood of $250 billion in cash reserves, you better believe that Apple can have enough money it. 

So, to recap: Apple is suing Qualcomm, Qualcomm is suing 4 iPhone manufacturers, and Apple is as a minimum partially funding their safeguard. 

Like we mentioned, messy. One takeaway, on the other hand, is crystal clear: In The Event You come at Apple, you would better now not leave out. Apple has cash to burn, and It Can Be clearly now not afraid to gentle a few of it on fireplace. 

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