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Crafty orangutan escapes his zoo enclosure because the apes have had it with our crap


Given the present state of the sector, let me be the primary to assert it: I, for one, welcome our new ape overlords.

The Planet of the Apes films aren’t a truth… but, however proof that primates are becoming antsy surfaced on Sunday in South Carolina. A male orangutan on the Greenville Zoo escaped his enclosure, prompting a brief lockdown while zoo body of workers attended to the subject.

All of this played out moderately fast, so — fortunately — there aren’t any videos of an orangutan running amok and terrorizing zoo attendees. The escape itself, then again, was captured on video via a witness — recognized via Fox Carolina as “Emilie S.”

For these having a hard time sussing out what’s going on right here: our orangutan pal, named Kumar, managed to snap a wire protecting together the web on the prime of the enclosure. He then unraveled the online sufficient to make a hole sufficiently big for his orangutan self to suit thru.

Everything about this video is perfect, from the Kumar’s escape to the human commentary enjoying at the back of it. And, in fact, the fact that this story has a cheerful ending — no person was harmed, now not even the ape.

The breakout was reported speedy, and the ape by no means made his means into the park space the place guests could be. Zoo group of workers corralled human attendees into the present shop and then used water hoses to clear all of the orangutans out of the enclosure for long enough to fix the netting.

The lockdown lasted just Half-hour, and the only casualty was the show off itself: the zoo shut it down quickly, possibly to make sure this whole incident wouldn’t be repeated.

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