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Facebook could be next to try out modular devices, a patent suggests


If Facebook’s modular device patent comes to life, updating a device to the newest tech would possibly now not be so expensive.

Tired Of replacing your devices every few years? Facebook patented a possible solution. In a patent licensed on Thursday, Fb describes a modular “electromagnetic device” that would prolong the life cycle of the historically closed machine gadgets. While it’s doubtful exactly what the software is or if the company is constant to strengthen the idea, the Facebook modular smartphone (or multi-function tool) is designed to lend a hand eliminate the waste and expense of updating electronics.

The patent doesn’t describe the instrument as a smartphone precisely, though the checklist of modules comprises hardware to offer the instrument the performance of a phone, along with a speaker, microphone, contact show and GPS. Basically, the device’s operate is dependent upon exactly what modules are used. Combining an web module and a speaker module would turn the machine into a radio for streaming track online, for instance. The patent also suggests a couple of Alexa-like options and the group behind the improvement, Fb’s Building Eight, is believed to have a center of attention on digital camera and computing device learning, according to Trade Insider.

The patent is in reality as a result the social media platform acquiring Nascent Objects in 2016, a startup that created modular devices — or at least the prototypes for one — using 3D printing. The patent names four Fb staff that labored for Nascent Objects prior to the acquisition, now working Within Facebook’s Constructing 8 hardware building workforce.

While it is uncertain if calling the instrument a “smartphone” is totally correct, the patent isn’t the first strive at modular units. Challenge Ara was a modular smartphone made by using Google, but the construction was once ultimately halted. Motorola’s Moto Z is modular, however unlike Ara and Facebook’s patent, the Moto Z seems like a standard smartphone, just with add-ons that go on the back. Cinema camera company Purple additionally recently patented a modular smartphone device.

The Primary concept behind Fb’s patent is to eliminate the waste and cost of replacing the software solely, being able to substitute person elements. “Generally, the hardware components integrated in the client electronics which might be thought to be ‘out of date’ are nonetheless usable,” the patent says. “However, the hardware elements can now not be re-used on account that shopper electronics are designed as closed systems. From a shopper potential, the life cycle of standard consumer electronics is costly and wasteful.”

Like Several patents, the existence of the documentation does not mean that the tech will in truth come to lifestyles, and even that Facebook continues to be persevering with to develop the speculation.




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