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Game of Thrones’ Season 7 is upon us! 5 fan theories as crazy as the Mad King


Season 7 of Sport of Thrones lands Sunday, July 16, and While season 6 eventually tested some in style fan theories — and laid others to rest — there’s a lot of story left and lots of theories that could nonetheless show true. You May fill a guide with fan theories about this epic story, But we’ve narrowed it down to five of the preferred Sport of Thrones theories in existence.

Spoiler alert! In Case You’re not all caught up on the primary six seasons and correspondent books, read on at your personal chance.

Cleganebowl, or requiem for a fan concept

The Cleganebowl has been one of the crucial extra well-liked fan theories for years, and regardless of some situations in season 6 that would appear to place the kibosh on The Speculation, the actual believers — comparable to those on the Cleganebowl subreddit — still care for their lengthy vigil. So what exactly is the Cleganebowl?

The Idea starts after Cersei (Lena Heady) is arrested by means of the religion and demands the Recreation of Thrones unique, a trial with the aid of combat, wherein the accused — or a champion of their choosing — fights a duel to ostensibly let the gods come to a decision justice. Cersei, by way of this level, has a major knight at her command later revealed to be the reanimated corpse of Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, whom she naturally chooses as her champion. Cleganebowl proponents believed the religion would select as their champion Gregor’s brother, Sandor (Rory McCann), whose burned face is purpose sufficient for him to take on his childhood tormentor. But why would the religion choose Sandor?

For readers of the books, The Idea goes that after Arya (Maisie Williams) leaves Sandor to die from his wounds, Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie) visits the Quiet Isle, where males come to atone for his or her sins. Whereas there, she speaks to the Elder Brother of the monastery, who tells her that Sandor died there. However, Brienne also notices an enormous gravedigger who walks with a limp, and retains his face hidden. Additionally, Sandor’s horse is existing. The Speculation is that Sandor left his old life behind — metaphorically demise — and took up religion, sooner or later best the religion to decide on him as their champion.

Unfortunately, trends Within The convey appear to have destroyed that concept. In The express, Sandor does live to tell the tale his wounds, However he results in a small religious village where he works as a woodcutter. After local rogues kill the villagers, Sandor takes up his axe and sets out for revenge. He will get it, and then goes north with the Brotherhood With Out Banners to battle the White Walkers.

In The Meantime, in King’s Touchdown, the High Sparrow convinces King Tommen to outlaw trial through combat. Cersei responds through blowing up the great Sept and everyone in it, including the Excessive Sparrow. On Condition That Cersei now not desires a trial via combat, and that the Hound is marching to conflict, the Cleganebowl appears unlikely. However with Game of Thrones, you simply by no means know.




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