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The “attention economy” created by Silicon Valley is bankrupting us

The “attention economy” created by Silicon Valley is bankrupting us

Another week, Any Other political predicament. We’ve had yet Another few days of outrageous tweets from President Trump all designed, it seems, to monopolize the national dialog.

It’s all so predictably unpredictable — and what Tristan Harris, the co-founding father of the nonprofit group Time Smartly Spent, calls a global dominated by way of the race for Consideration. In Line With Harris, an ex-design ethicist at Google who the Atlantic described as “the closest factor Silicon Valley has to a conscience”, all of us “are living in a metropolis known as the attention economy.” That’s what’s shaping everything about contemporary existence, Harris says, specifically our increasingly more surreal politics.

Harris — an acclaimed speaker at the major TED experience this yr who has also recently regarded on 60 Minutes and the Invoice Maher Express — suggests that Trump could be our first “Attention President”.

For Harris, Trump is a symptom of a a long way larger illness. The Real downside with the worldwide, digital community that all of us reside in, Harris says, is that it’s dominated via three companies: Google, Fb and Apple.

These platforms “aren’t neutral”, Harris insists.  As An Alternative, Harris – a tech design guru who worked at Google for nearly three years as their Product Thinker – believes that they’re “exploiting” what he calls “our decrease degree vulnerabilities”. Many Of Us not know our own minds, he warns. And so our new community, whose medium of change Harris dubs the attention economic system is increasingly more dominated with the aid of technological addiction (specifically our smartphone use).

So what to do? How You Can make this new community Extra habitable?

Consistent With Harris, there are two crucial strategies for fixing these issues. The Primary is for all and sundry to recognize that we’re all prone and for us to all “curate our own lives”.

And the second is for the platform firms to recognize that their customers have “prone minds” and for them to make a acutely aware effort to keep away from feeding our “lizard brains”, Harris says.

Neither, in themselves, are complete options. To Fix the issue requires a joint effort both from every body and from these platform superpowers of Silicon Valley.

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