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‘Walking Dead’ trailer seems to confirm major fan theory about Rick | Social Media Blazer!
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‘Walking Dead’ trailer seems to confirm major fan theory about Rick

‘Walking Dead’ trailer seems to confirm major fan theory about Rick

O.k., we at last have a trailer for Season Eight of AMC’s The Strolling Useless, and honestly, it appears to at least hint at a major fan conception.

The Largest WTF moment is the previous couple of seconds, when we see a brightly lit room, some plant life, a Walking stick, and an awfully previous Rick laying in a mattress. 

What within the name of King Ezekiel is occurring with that?! 

Possibility 1: It used to be all a dream

The First big conclusion to jump to is that Rick is back in Atlanta. Like pre-apocalypse Atlanta. As in, all the express didn’t occur and Rick has been in a coma your entire freaking time. 

As available in the market as this will likely appear, It Can Be if truth be told been a theory that’s been circulating for some time now, especially with comedian audiences. 

However this turn could be especially screwed up, even for The Walking Lifeless. It Will imply that Rick Grimes dreamed about his wife sleeping together with his highest pal and then each of them, together with faaaar too many other people, loss of life horribly. And In Addition his kid misplaced his eye. And An Entire bunch of different messed up issues took place along the best way, all of which might make Rick a terrifying individual. 

It Would be an awfully questionable flip for the convey, and what would that even imply for the spinoff express Fear The Strolling Useless? Did Rick dream that, too?  

However there’s a the reason is, these images were framed the best way they were.

Robert Kirkman likes to deliberately lie to readers at conventions and in the “Letter Hacks” component to each comic Difficulty, by which he and editor Sean Mackiewicz answer messages from fanatics. They love to drive people wild via lights fires under insane theories.

It seems like the creators of the exhibit have gotten into that spirit via teasing us with a atmosphere that’s astoundingly just like Rick’s clinic room the place he aroused from sleep to hell on this planet way again in Season 1. They obviously knew that folks would draw parallels and panic.

They almost bought us, However upon further inspection, we will see what’s in fact happening. 

Option 2: We’re about to leap ahead in time

After the comedian storyline All Out War – which this season will most likely be in response to – the books leap in time an undetermined amount of years. 

The comic’s author and creator, Robert Kirkman, has mentioned that it may be five or extra years of time that we skipped, although he hasn’t been clear concerning the specific smash. 

It Is very probably that what we’re seeing is years after this loopy Warfare has came about. Rick was once injured all through the Battle with the Saviors and, similar to within the comic, he’s let his beard develop. 

Rick Grimes in Issue 127, after the conclusion of All Out War

Rick Grimes in Difficulty 127, after the conclusion of All Out Struggle

This appears more likely than a complete erasure of the complete series that is come before.

We Will in finding out for sure when Walking Useless returns Oct. 22. 

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