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Why Brienne is still following Catelyn Stark’s orders

Why Brienne is still following Catelyn Stark’s orders

SAN DIEGO — Catelyn Stark is long useless, and there doesn’t appear to be any Lady Stoneheart in the offing. So why is Brienne of Tarth nonetheless following her orders?

It Can Be No Longer a solution Sport of Thrones has ever given us, However Brienne herself — in the particular person of Gwendoline Christie — took a stab at it at the show’s Comedian-Con panel. 

““Brienne’s relationship with Catelyn Stark was once the first time that she known strength in another woman,” Christie explained. “No Longer a man’s strength, However a girl’s strength. Brienne didn’t must pressure herself into a mold of masculinity, she didn’t must take the role of men prior to her.”  

She persisted: “it doesn’t topic if someone lives or dies … I Believe Brienne feels that despite the fact that it’s one small factor for one particular person or two people, that’s going to perpetuate a sense of good that’s going to make contributions to a feeling of equality… she’s contributing to one thing larger than herself.” 

Naturally, Christie was once additionally requested concerning the web’s favorite possible Thrones couple, Brienne and Tormund Giantsbane. However she poured chilly water on the perception that we will see the two of them together.

“I Don’t assume on the forefront of her realization is a worth machine according to men appreciating her,” Christie mentioned of Brienne. However she admitted that it was once “nice to be preferred.” 

What could Tormund do to make it happen, then? “It Is acquired to in response to a mutual admire,” Christie advised the audience. 

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