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Airbnb brings on American Express CEO to board of directors

Airbnb brings on American Express CEO to board of directors

Airbnb has appointed Kenneth I. Chenault, the outgoing CEO of american Express, to its board of directors. The announcement comes one week after Facebook appointed Chenault to its board of administrators.

“As The CEO of american Express, Ken has constructed one of the successful trust-based totally corporations on the earth,” Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky wrote in an open letter as of late. “It’s A company that has persisted and innovated for virtually 168 years. Ken and that i hung out speaking about the 21st-century variation and in particular the role of belief Because The infrastructure for any such version. Ken additionally believes deeply that, now more than ever, companies need to stand for values, personality, and competence.”

Chenault would be the first non-affiliated unbiased board member at Airbnb and the primary black board member at Airbnb. He also is the primary and most effective black board member for Facebook.

Chesky delivered, “As [Chenault] says, ‘I Feel Corporations exist as a result of society permits us to exist. Corporations will not be entitled to exist. So I Believe we’ve got a responsibility and an responsibility to assist reinforce society.’ ”

Airbnb seems to be gearing up for an IPO. On February 22, Chesky said Airbnb will announce its next chapter “to empower a number-led world with some tremendous improvements to our carrier that set us up for an unlimited time horizon.”

As a part of Chesky’s imaginative and prescient for Airbnb to be an organization that survives “to see the subsequent century,” Chesky mentioned Airbnb will liberate its first annual stakeholder document in March.

Featured Image: Photo Through Michael Cohen/Getty Images for the new York Occasions/Getty Images

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