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Kesha Norman Claps Back at Rumors She ”Trapped” C.J. Mosley on WAGS Atlanta: ”I Don’t Know What Else You Want From Me!”

Kesha Norman Claps Back at Rumors She ”Trapped” C.J. Mosley on WAGS Atlanta: ”I Don’t Know What Else You Want From Me!”

It takes time for wounds to heal. 

It has been a rocky street for Kesha Norman and C.J. Mosley on WAGS Atlanta. The couple made up our minds to take a bit of destroy after C.J. revealed that Kesha had planted a hidden camera in their home to undercover agent on him. But, in line with Kesha, there was hassle lengthy before that. 

“The s–t that I Have Been thru, I deserve each proper to position that digicam in. It wasn’t about being petty, it wasn’t about complaining,” Kesha shared with Kierra Douglas. “It actually used to be for me to understand is my relationship where it needs to be at the moment.”

Even Though Kesha wants to trust C.J., he hasn’t really given her a purpose to. “When someone hurts you, they have got to place the time in to help you get over that. He Is never helped me to get over that,” Kesha published. “He just keeps telling me, ‘That Is it,’ However I’ve never been in a position to trust, This Is it.”

Kesha is not the one one who has problems along with her and C.J.’s relationship. Niche Caldwell has some robust opinions about Kesha’s situation. After discussing Kesha’s relationship concerns with Kierra, Area Of Interest has some strong words for her. 

“But you selected to have a baby with him. There Is too much start control out so that you can say, ‘Oh, That Is an accident,'” Niche shares. Even Supposing Kierra tries to counter with the argument that it still can happen, Area Of Interest isn’t buying it. “No. It Can Be 2017. Pregnancy does not ‘occur’ anymore,” Area Of Interest shared. 

It didn’t take long for phrase to get to Kesha that Area Of Interest insinuated she trapped her boyfriend with a child. She’s indisputably mad in regards to the recommendation. “Me and C.J. f–ked and we had a baby…I have no idea what else you wish to have me to let you know,” Kesha shared together with her. “I don’t know how else you need me to tell apart my family from yours.” 

In The Meantime, Kierra has some other relationship drama that she’s coping with. Her sister Ariel Anderson is in search of love, and in keeping with Kierra and her hubby Harry Douglas, she is having a look in all of the improper places. After Ariel informs her large sis that she’s relationship but every other skilled athlete, the 2 agree to move on a double date. 

Kierra would not be a perfect big sis until she gave her date the fifth stage. “Do you attend church? Do you need kids? Do you smoke? Are you an important drinker? What Sort Of whip you force?” Kierra asked Ariel’s date Ray. If he concept that was once difficult, Harry used to be even worse! 

“Have You ever had an STD?” he requested Ray outright. “As Long As you might be at present easy, then which is all that matters,” Kierra joked. He assured the desk that he used to be perfectly clean, so nothing to worry about. Looks As If a keeper! 

Watch the recap video above for everything that happened on this week’s episode! 

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