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Innovation will continue in the areas of social media but the greatest investments and trends will start to head toward other mediums; Google glasses is a prime example, not only is this a hardware paradigm (digital integration into micro-devices) but also digital integration into everyday life, without having to access it or log-on. Our Social Buzz section is dedicated to such innovation and trends only, with which we are able to create a buzz in the society and in our lives. Social buzz will have all the news and updates ranging from social media websites, new technologies and innovations.

Apple Script’s Spam Can Crush Apple’s iMessage

April 1, 2013 // 13 Comments

Apple script has taken a keep watch over over Apple’s iMessage on the way to replenish user’s account leading to …


Shopster’s Grocery List App Will Make Your Shopping Easy Now

March 30, 2013 // 4 Comments

Right Here comes a brand new app for individuals who are too busy of their lives and haven’t any time …


Meet the social network Twoo!

March 28, 2013 // 7 Comments

Launched in March 2011, the Twoo is a social community designed for someone who is in search of a boyfriend …


Google Glass facing privacy and safety concerns

March 28, 2013 // 11 Comments

Google Glass, america techology massive’s revolutionary wearable computer remains to be months away from unlock, But there is a growing …


Canadian judge banned a 12-year-old schoolgirl from the Facebook

March 27, 2013 // 11 Comments

Fb  is all the time drag into controversy and related happened when a canadian choose banned a 12-12 months-previous Manitoba …


Woman is fined £ 440,000 for making illegal downloads

March 26, 2013 // 6 Comments

A Woman was sentenced to pay a effective of U.S. $ 222,000 (about £ 440,000) for illegally downloading track on …


Facebook Cover Pictures: What you need to know about the new regulation

March 24, 2013 // 11 Comments

Facebook has made Some changes within the new title photography and this has created numerous confusion for the users. We …


Now, Google to come up with smartwatch!

March 23, 2013 // 4 Comments

In Keeping With a record, Google has also jumped on the SmartWatch educate. Unlike Google Glass, which is developed in …


10% Facebook users abused online: Study

March 23, 2013 // 3 Comments

At The Least one in 10 Facebook customers have received abusive or insulting messages on the website online, a new …