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Samsung Galaxy S4: Screen can be controlled by looking

Samsung Galaxy S4: Screen can be controlled by looking

Samsung Electronics unveiled its new flagship smartphone Galaxy S4, with a feature that would let customers to keep watch over the Monitor by the place they look.

Samsung launched the fourth generation of Galaxy S series at Radio City Tune Corridor in ny Thursday, In Keeping With an e-mailed statement.


The Galaxy S4 confirmed numerous enhancements. The “Good Pause” perform would allow customers to control the Display by the place they appear. When customers are looking at a video, the video pauses if they give the impression of being away, then it re-begins proper up once more after they appear back, reported Xinhua.

The “Sensible Scroll” perform would enable customers to scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the Screen. It recognizes customers’ face having a look on the Screen and motion of their wrist after which scrolls the pages up or down therefore.

The flagship version was outfitted with high quality features. It had the 5-inch full HD AMOLED show with a decision of 1920 through 1080. The edition had a pixel density of 441 pixel per inch (ppi).

A “twin camera” function, which had a 13 megapixel rear digicam and a 2 megapixel entrance digital camera, would permit users to make a choice eight totally different how to combine the 2 photographs taken via each cameras.

It comes with 1.9 GHz quad-core processor and 1.6 GHz Octa-core processor depending on areas, assisting 3G community in addition to the 4G LTE. Particularly, the hexa-band LTE model can strengthen as a lot as six completely different band units, which means that a function in most LTE coverage areas.

Samsung deliberate to roll out the new edition thru 327 cell operators in 150 international locations beginning possibly late-April, surpassing its predecessor Galaxy S3 that was once launched by way of 296 wireless carriers in A Hundred Forty Five nations.

World sales of the Galaxy S3 reached around 38 million gadgets given that its launch in Could 2012, In Step With the estimation made by way of Woori Funding & Securities’ analyst Sophia Kim. The Galaxy S4 was anticipated to exceed its predecessor, with its gross sales touching 65 million units by means of yr-finish.

“With the success of Galaxy S3, consumer royalty to the Galaxy model turned into greater,” stated Sophia Kim at Woori. “Amid slow gross sales of Apple’s iPhone5, there will be no apply-up fashions from Samsung’s competitors within the 2nd quarter.”

Samsung nonetheless lagged behind Apple in the usa, which is the 2d-largest smartphone market following China, and accounts for the large component within the excessive-finish fashions. The gap in the united states market share between Samsung and Apple used to be 12.2 proportion factors in 2012, whereas gross sales of iPhone series had been 1.Eight occasions more than Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones closing 12 months.

Samsung was anticipated to slim the gap with its advertising efforts. Consistent With the us market intelligence company Kantar Media, Samsung’s smartphone ad spending used to be $401 million in 2012, outdoing Apple’s $333 million.

“The Worldwide smartphone market will ultimately come down to advertising and marketing,” said James Tune, an analyst at KDB Daewoo Securities in Seoul. “Samsung’s emotional advertising strategy will better join with customers and help it succeed in quarterly Galaxy S4 gross sales of over 30 million gadgets.”

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15 Comments to “Samsung Galaxy S4: Screen can be controlled by looking”

  1. I an currently using an android phone, but I plan on using buying a windows OS phone.
    How are windows phone, in terms of apps abundance, ease of use and functions compared to android phones?!?

  2. floydian8717 // April 22, 2013 at 03:37 // Reply

    Im looking to get a new phone but idk which one. Should i get the s4 or s3? And plz say y because idk which one is better! best answer 10 points!

  3. ademuth93 // April 23, 2013 at 01:56 // Reply

    Are HTC or Samsung phones better? Which one is better and more reliable and why? I’m asking this because I’m stuck between getting the HTC one nd The galaxy S4 that are soon coming please help? Alot of info nd specifics would be nice , thanks .!

  4. I know the s4 will come out soon and in june is when I coupd get another phone so I got a choice. Of course im going to get the data plan with a phone who dosent these days. But I already have a ipod 5 th gen and im thinking of which that could be my next phone. Please help big decision, and I need like A wifi hotspot so I can go on my ipod to..

  5. I torn between these two devices. At first I was leaner toward the One because it has an amazing build quality, speakers on front, an LCD display (I hate pentile which the GS4 uses). But then I started to sway as HTC is horrible with updates, the S4 is on a newer version of android, Samsung updates devices faster, and its eye tracking features seem nice. I really dont care about expandable memory or changeable batteries. Any thoughts?

  6. evil chevy // May 23, 2013 at 21:00 // Reply

    Does only the Samsung Electronics at South Korea make Samsung products or other Samsung Electronics make Samsung products such as the one in San Diego

  7. Kristian // May 26, 2013 at 16:55 // Reply

    Im looking for a new phone for my birthday in June
    Please explain details why i should get which ever one

  8. me n my dad went to samsung store and found that it was coolest mobile we have ever seen…

  9. i heard that the galaxy has been released and available or is coming out in a few months. Ive been thinking lately what phone i should upgrade or purchase soon any suggestions

  10. Johnky J // May 30, 2013 at 02:31 // Reply

    Both of these phones are has the next generation technology. They will both be released within 2 months.

    The specs of the HTC is:

    1.7 GHz quad core
    2 GB ram
    4.7 inch screen

    The specs for the s4 is:

    1.6 Ghz octa core
    2 GB ram
    5 inch screen

    Both of these phones have pros and cons. Mostly the s4 and all the other galaxies down the line is made from cheap plastic that doesn’t match the price tag of the phones. Because of this, the phone feels cheap when in your hand and brakes easier.

    The HTC one m7 will have a aluminum and glass body with a beautiful look. It will have a 5 mega pixel camera with a bigger pixels which is known as a better camera. But the s4 will have 13 mega pixel camera will small pixels that won’t be as good in low light areas as the Htc one’s. It seems like they tried to go over board and the camera on the s4 sticks out of the body of the phone which makes in prone to damaging.

    Both phones will have android (of course) but the s4 will have a more up to date version. They say that they are working on the update for the Htc one but users on the s4 will get it first.

    Both phones will have cool features like on the s4 you can hover over the screen and it will sense it with the front facing camera (I don’t find it that cool). The Htc one will have a infrared light on the power button to use the phone as a remote and control all the things you on from the phone.

    What do you think about these two phones? Which one do you think is better and why?

  11. Gabriel Kenney // May 30, 2013 at 05:04 // Reply

    Please give me reasons why one of them is better than the other?! Im getting
    anew phone tommorrow and i cant decide what to get ?

  12. Does the Samsung Electronics at San Diego, CA make Samsung products like Samsung cameras or the only Samsung Electronics that makes Samsung products is the main one which is the one in South Korea

  13. I had htc desire it was good phone but i just got a samsung galaxy note II but its so big!
    I wanna go and change it tomorrow?
    Well? Which smartphone would you reccomend me?

  14. Please give me reasons why one of them is better than the other?! Im getting anew phone tommorrow and i cant decide what to get ?

  15. ericmreitz // June 9, 2013 at 06:44 // Reply

    What should I buy a samsung galxy 4 or a I phone 5?

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