ShakeTheSeason650With Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season just across the nook, a snow globe is the very best centerpiece for a Facebook utility, and gluten-free baked-snacks maker Harvest Snaps and its company, Santy Integrated, made it happen with the Shake the Season app.

Shake the Season allows Fb consumers to shake the snow globe thrice day-to-day for the chance to win Harvest Snaps’ trip flavor, salted caramel, and customers can earn additional shakes by the use of sharing the app on Fb, Twitter, and Instagram.

So how is that snow globe understanding? consistent with Santy Constructed-in, in a duration of slightly less than three days after its launch, Shake the Season had delivered:

  • 210,000 shakes
  • 19,176 likes, a Fifty Eight % bounce
  • 1,000 Twitter followers, a Fifty One p.c.succeed in
  • 569 Instagram followers, up 27 p.c.

Santy Integrated President and CEO Dan Santy said:

Working with shoppers corresponding to reap Snaps allows us to do what we do highest conceivable: Be ingenious. We’re given the liberty to concept, prototype, put into effect, and launch tailored purposes equivalent to Shake the Season as a device to generate buzz around new choices, toughen edition presence, and raise demand for their merchandise. It’s thrilling to look these campaigns come to fruition and produce the effects we’re in search of in the end, steadily cases helping elevate our consumers’ social following through more than 100 percent.

Readers: Will you Shake the Season?