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Literal Sh*t Storm Lays Waste To Chicago! Get The Scoop On Raining Poop Vid HERE!


When You notion the polar vortex Was dangerous, neatly, you ain’t seen sh*t!

Chicago, the Windy City, the birthplace of Walt Disney & Mandy Patinkin, is beneath siege by way of probably the most fiercely abhorrent weather anomaly the arena has ever encountered!

Brace yourselves because what we’re about to indicate you is far worse than any tsunami or earthquake! Even Sharknados appear benign by comparison!

Put Together your self for…a literal sh*tstorm!

Srsly! In downtown Chicago’s Leo Burnett workplaces, it literally rained poop from the sky!!!

Ch-ch-check out the scary festival of falling feces for yourself…AFTER THE SOAR!!!

Eww! Ewww! Ewwwwwwww! This Is the grossest factor ever!!!

For what it can be worth, the ad firm swears it ain’t full of crap in any respect!

They allege the brown muck raining down upon the world’s most unfortunate cubicles is not human waste, however water from a burst fire sprinkler!

Hmm. Sprinkler water can sit in pipes for a very long time and wind up smelling just as unhealthy as poop so, both approach, this can be a super sh*tty situation!

Most Likely they must close the constructing these days by reason of chocolate rain?

[Picture by means of Instagram.]





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