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The Walt Disney Family Museum Defends Uncle Walt Against “Wildly False Accusations!” (They’re Talking To You, Meryl Streep!)


What say you unto this, Meryl Streep?!

After Meryl not too long ago bashed the person in the back of the Mouse, Walt Disney, for anti-Semitism, racism, and gender bigotry, the Walt Disney Domestic Museum has come to his protection:

“At That Time, most companies in The Us were principally male-dominated with ladies offering smaller toughen roles. There Have Been a couple of distinguished girls within Walt Disney Productions, smartly prior to WWII made women the backbone of the American group of workers. In speeches made to his employees on February 10 and 11, 1941, Walt noticed that women artists may absolutely equal their male counterparts, and had been being included in his studio animation training program…Moreover, Walt now not only employed many individuals of Jewish descent—together with Joe Supply, Marty Sklar, Ed Solomon, Richard and Robert Sherman, and so many extra who held prominent roles inside Walt’s firm.”

The response claims that While Walt wasn’t a super man, he wasn’t virtually as unhealthy as the picture some individuals try to paint.

Sure urban legends concerning the innovator have grown like wildfire, just like the perception that he is frozen someplace, awaiting to upward push Again or something like that!

Whereas the safeguard debunks this delusion, it also explains that Walt was once a human who made his justifiable share of errors!

We’re satisfied that a few of these rumors and accusations will also be put to rest, and we are able to binge watch Disney films with out feeling big guilt!





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