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This NEW The Giver Trailer Proves NO ONE Should Piss Off Meryl Streep! (Oh Look, There’s Taylor Swift!)


YAY! It’s AT LAST in the right colour schemes!!

The Newest trailer for the upcoming film The Giver has surfaced and it’s a bit of a doozy, in the best way CONCEIVABLE!

Meryl Streep serves up some critical HBIC-vibes in it, Jeff Bridges is the most effective smart outdated man, and Taylor Swift is even in it however just for a blink!

Alexander Skarsgård and Katie Holmes additionally pop up a bunch of times too!

The True megastar, on the other hand, is Brenton Thwaites who looks as if he’s gonna be a brilliant Jonas!

Ch-ch-check out the color-corrected respectable The Giver trailer (above)!!!





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