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Festive Facts: Holiday Trends and Topics on Social

Festive Facts: Holiday Trends and Topics on Social

Festive Facts: Holiday Trends and Topics on Social

Less Than per week left of 2014, are you prepared to assert goodbye to the viral phenomenons that swept social and frequently greatly surprised the arena, the newsmakers, and internet breakers?

On The Brandwatch places of work we’ve been getting In The Vacation spirit, specifically monitoring #FestiveFacts for this season that are being mentioned on-line. Listed Here Are one of the most social insights and cool knowledge we’ve analyzed.


Canadian airline, WestJet, launched its 2014 “Christmas Miracle” video, which presentations the airline shocking residents of a village Within The Dominican Republic. Identical To remaining Year, the video is some other tearjerker — so grab your tissues.

We started out tracking the conversation and have seen virtually 21,000 mentions of the video Since The beginning of the month, with the most mentions happening on December 2 (Four,000+ mentions). Globe and Mail‘s coverage of the video’s virality is pretty attention-grabbing from a branding/social advertising point of view. 

The reputable hashtag of the campaign, #WestJetChristmas, has bought more than 2,Seven Hundred tweets and retweets garnering more than 11 million impressions.

“WestJet’s” (2,600+ mentions) and “WestJet Christmas Miracle” (3,200+ mentions) were the preferred Subject Matters.

Up To Now, we now have seen probably the most mentions of the campaign in the us (Sixty Two%), adopted by way of Canada (20%). No Longer too shabby for a Canadian trip Model, getting the majority of their social media motion south of the border In The states.

They’re watching you: the creepiest inanimate objects of all

This earlier month your social media feeds have most definitely been jammed with posts from people who have spent numerous time cleverly posing their Elf on the Shelf®.

Elf on the Shelf® is a special scout elf sent from the North Pole to help Santa Claus take care of his “good” record. The elf keeps a watchful eye for Santa and kids are not allowed to touch the elf or else she or he loses their magic.

Since The starting of the month, we now have considered greater than 233,000 mentions of Elf on the Shelf®. 90% of the mentions have occured on Twitter followed through Fb (7%).

We noticed a spike in mentions on December 12 when many, ahem, “Elf long gone wild” tweets were shared on Twitter. What even IS that? Elves on cabinets dabbling In The grown-up handiest eggnog?

One Of The Most mentioned Topics when discussing Elf on the Shelf® was “Christmas” (15,900+ mentions), as to be anticipated. These little creatures could dominate Pinterest Year-spherical, but they aren’t in reality energetic (IRL and on social) until the Christmas season. We took a have a look at the most mentioned Subject Matters inside that conversation.

Vacation Tipping

Emily Submit has plenty to claim about manners, and Holiday tipping is no exception. Whereas we have Not considered many mentions of people discussing Holiday tipping, with reference to 850 mentions on account that we started tracking it in November,we now have noticed that most conversations are around news articles discussing “tipping etiquette.”

Relating To particular quantities of what people plan to tip it’s a little tough to figure from social media mentions, but folks on Twitter are speaking about how they’re planning to tip their cab drivers as a minimum 15%, as well as a general $ 20 for stylists and different services and products, and cash/items between $ 20 and $ 80 for superintendents. Whereas there was less knowledge on the precise quantities/percentages folks plan to tip, we did see mentions of who folks plan on tipping this Holiday season:

  • Doorman: 29%

  • Rubbish man: 13%

  • Hairstylist/Barber: 13%

  • Day care suppliers: 12%

  • Mail carrier: 10%

  • Private coach: 9%

  • Dog walker: 8%

  • Maid/Housekeeper: 5%

  • Cab driver: 1%

We checked out mentions of Holiday tipping for doormen, cleaners, hair stylists, babysitters, newspaper supply, maintenance, and so on. and have considered just about 850 mentions due to the fact that November, with probably the most occurring on December 15 (250 mentions). A majority of the dialog has taken situation on Twitter (Fifty Seven%) followed via Facebook (Forty%).

Girls have additionally held a fairly larger share of voice (53%) when discussing Vacation tipping in comparison with men on Twitter.

Getting festive on social

The awesome social media analysts and community managers at Brandwatch were shelling out Holiday-themed social stats throughout the month. We even checked out Christmas convos on social particularly In The southern states in the united states, CNBC reporter Eric Chemi analyzed the social data further in his article “The South: The Place the conflict on Christmas was lost.”

Here’s a smattering that I Believe you’ll experience, particularly if you’re thinking about which Holiday film is hottest and whether or not individuals are in point of fact dreaming of a white Christmas (or Not).

For My Part, I could use some chillier climate. New York city is downright balmy this week.

Time to ring In The New Yr

Goodbye 2014, whats up 2015!

As at all times, in 2015 we can be retaining a detailed eye on viral campaigns and industry information. Large issues are forthcoming on the planet of social media for the coming new 12 Months. At Brandwatch, we’re closing out this Yr with a bang, having just released our announcement about our acquisition of PeerIndex.

In The intervening time, satisfied vacations, Merry Christmas, and a happy Festivus for the remainder of us.

If In Case You Have any questions or are considering studying extra about Brandwatch or social knowledge, go away a remark!

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