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The Big Brand Theory: Skippy Peanut Butter Builds Community Through Interaction and Engagement

The Big Brand Theory: Skippy Peanut Butter Builds Community Through Interaction and Engagement

The Big Brand Theory: Skippy Peanut Butter Builds Community Through Interaction and Engagement

Probably The Most greatest names in peanut butter is Skippy. Founded in California in 1933, Skippy is among the very best-promoting peanut butter brands on the earth. The Corporate has successfully modified perceptions of peanut butter, establishing it as an ingredient in major lessons, not simply as a variety, successful which has translated particularly smartly to the Chinese Language market, where it’s the primary peanut butter Model. Skippy’s constructed on that market success with their social media presence – their Facebook page has greater than 655 thousand lovers, and posts continuously get more than a thousand likes and 60 comments. These are spectacular engagement figures with the aid of any measure, and Skippy not too long ago appeared to extend their social media presence via making a more concerted effort on Twitter. I spoke to Mike Guanella, senior Brand manager for Skippy Peanut Butter, to discuss Skippy’s social media presence and the pondering in the back of their new Twitter handle, @TheFunNut.

Easy Fun

Presented by means of TVC, The Fun Nut is a brand new character that represents the ethos of the Skippy Peanut Butter Brand. Tied in with the tv Marketing Campaign, Skippy Offered a new Twitter handle, @TheFunNut, in October, the goal of which being to embody the easy Fun of peanut butter, and to share that Enjoyable on-line. And the brand new deal with has been successful – Skippy’s main Twitter profile, which has been active since 2009, at present has just under four thousand followers. @TheFunNut has 12.3 thousand followers, highlighting the engagement the Marketing Campaign has done. “People have been ecstatic about @TheFunNut.” Guanella said. “It’s been taking Individuals’s days from 10 to Eleven. After shocking and delighting the Twitter Community All Through the preliminary implementation duration we’ve viewed steady engagement from enthusiasts asking for @TheFunNut to surprise them with a SKIPPY treat.”

Engagement is the important thing component – of the entire tweets despatched from @TheFunNut account, a great Seventy Nine% of them were replies, telling jokes, offering birthday needs even congratulating Folks on lifestyles occasions akin to marriage proposals or a new job. @TheFunNut consists of a great experience of… well, Fun. I requested Guanella about the engagement focus and the way their team approached these interactions: “@TheFunNut goals to respond to as many tweets as he can – However to the fitting Individuals after all. We set explicit protocols to make sure the People @TheFunNut is responding to are in line the emblem. Moreover, @TheFunNut has blitz days where he responds and surprises more enthusiasts than on a normal day, But these are by no means planned, you just must follow alongside and look ahead to cues.”

Scrolling through the many responses, that you can’t deny the feel of pleasure in all that @TheFunNut brings. And 12.3k followers can’t be incorrect.

Platform Differentiation

For Skippy, Fb has lengthy been it’s primary social platform of choice. Whereas they handle presence on Twitter and Pinterest, Facebook’s the platform that has driven essentially the most traffic back to their web site (Fifty Three.1% share of social referrals) and has viewed probably the most fan engagement. I asked Guanella concerning the determination to make a extra significant push on Twitter, and in particular, whether Facebook’s natural attain decline had the rest to do with it. “We wanted to have interaction with a new Neighborhood in an agile manner, so Twitter used to be naturally the reply,” he told me. “We’ve considered a variety of success on Facebook over the years, But for this software, specifically, Twitter was once the best option. @TheFunNut wouldn’t were able to comb the social Group on Facebook love it did on Twitter to search out These open conversations. And Additionally, we wished the content to be a mix of visible and straight status updates and we all know that blend works better on Twitter. Ultimately, we wished to have a direct communicate with followers and non-followers, interrupting conversations that didn’t essentially pertain to peanut butter, However fit inside our voice and tone – again Twitter used to be our solution for that.”

Utilising Twitter also enabled Skippy to capitalise on the hashtag #YIPPEE, which has been aligned to The Fun Nut Campaign. “Individuals we’re already the use of the #YIPPEE we just wanted them to tie it back to @TheFunNUT and Skippy Peanut Butter.” The more engrained use of hashtags on Twitter has facilitated higher use of the hashtag, maximising Model affiliation and merit.

Campaign Implementation

With @TheFunNut responding to so many questions, I requested Guanella in regards to the implementation of the Marketing Campaign. “We had two Group managers managing @TheFunNut Right Through the paid program of the Campaign,” he stated. “Throughout the activation days we had a room of five People – Community managers, an art director and a copy creator – all there to ensure we could surprise and pleasure as many individuals as imaginable. The Continuing Neighborhood management is managed via one person who actually is the voice of @TheFunNut.”

Given the visual nature of the Marketing Campaign, and the true-time response emphasis, the dimensions of the group engaged on the principle parts is no actual surprise, but it surely’s nice to get an overview and working out of the inner workings of the Marketing Campaign process. It’s a query Folks all the time have, one who got here up prominently in the wake of Oreo’s ‘Dunk in the dark’ tweet – it’s nice that they may get this sort of suave tweet out so quick, But how precisely did they do it? What Sort Of team do they have got in situation for such situations? Having a group like this, working side via facet in real-time, has certainly produced some nice outcomes for Skippy, with @TheFunNut’s best possible tweets gaining well over 100 re-tweets, boosting impressions and Model awareness.

Knowledge of the Peanut

I asked Guanella how he felt about the Marketing Campaign and the engagement they’d considered Through @TheFunNut. “The engagement used to be very high and we received greater than 13k fans in just 30 days. That mentioned, it’s onerous to compare the engagements versus Fb, in view that they had been very Different interactions. Our engagements on Fb are certainly from our most loyal lovers, whereas Twitter engagements seemed to be from new fans or fans that didn’t know we had been on Twitter.” Guanella told me. “Total, it was a hit as a result of we won a brand new audience and set a distinct voice from what we now have on our different social channels, Whereas still ultimate on strategy.”

This Is A great thing, one which can prove to be the greatest success of @TheFunNut Marketing Campaign. While Skippy’s primary social media presence has been focussed round recipes and Constructing the logo round that key component – establishing peanut butter as greater than only a sandwich filling – Through @TheFunNut, the group have been in a position to better make stronger the Enjoyable aspect of the brand. The engagements and target market responses to @TheFunNut highlight the effectiveness of this strategy, of establishing round actual engagement and the use of social as a method for establishing Brand personality and purpose. Skippy’s taken an shrewd approach to Twitter, recognising what the target market is the use of the platform for, then working to the strengths of the platform, slightly than trying to push the same message Via every network. The Campaign also highlights how you are able to do this, how you can focus on specific target audience subsets or parts of Overall Brand strategy, targeted at particular social structures. It’s being attentive to how Individuals use social, what they’re in reality doing on every platform, then tailoring the message to suit, relatively than the usage of networks as broadcast channels relative to demographic brackets. Constructing Neighborhood is far more practical – interacting and responding, somewhat than post and hope.

Overall, a perfect Campaign and a few useful insights provided by means of Guanella on how his group views and utilises social. There’s so much that marketers can take from the Knowledge of that little peanut – and that’s something I Will Be Able To honestly say I never imagined I’d write. 

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