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Best and Worst of Super Bowl 2015 Marketing Strategy

Best and Worst of Super Bowl 2015 Marketing Strategy

Best and Worst of Super Bowl 2015 Marketing Strategy

There are a shocking quantity of people who believe that I don’t like Doggies.

Annually the day after the Super Bowl when the votes are tallied rating all of the commercials, the advertisements with Domestic Dogs Always mainstream favorites.  Meanwhile, for the previous 4 years I Have printed my very own listing of winners and losers In Line With Marketing Technique versus leisure Value and one factor has change into unluckily clear:

Pups in commercials are infrequently the sign of a great Advertising Strategy.

This yr’s game was once no totally different, with giant issues rising in ads about the role of social media in our lives and what really makes you an actual man. In Accordance With the ads, Real Males both care about others or arm struggle heroically for the Ultimate Skittle sweet Within The bowl.

There Were Famous Person appearances (Mindy Kaling, Pierce Brosnan, and others), loads of animals (animated and Real) and a captivating lack of scantily clad women (aside from two notable exceptions – Victoria’s Secret and Carl’s Jr). All of this leads me to share my annual record of Highest and worst Advertising And Marketing Technique from the big recreation…

Quick Summary:

  • Absolute Best Advertising Strategy Overall – Wix “It’s that straightforward”
  • Worst Marketing Technique General – Lexus “Make Some Noise”
  • Best Possible Alignment To Present Technique – Snickers “The Brady Bunch”
  • Worst Alignment To Present Technique – esurance “Walter White”
  • Most Strategically Creative – BMW i3 “Newfangled Idea”
  • Worst Strategically Inventive – Nissan “Cat’s In The Cradle”
  • Highest Strategic Timing – Weight Watchers “All You Could Eat”
  • Perfect Capitalizing On Great Strategy – All The Time “#likeagirl”
  • Worst Capitalizing On Great Strategy – Chevy Colorado “you realize you need A Truck”
  • Best Ongoing Brand Strategy – Doritos “Heart Seat” & “Pigs Fly”
  • Worst Ongoing Brand Technique – Bud Light “Coin”
  • Absolute Best Strategic Use Of Emotion – Dove Males + Care “Actual Potential”
  • Worst Strategic Use Of Emotion – Nationwide “Make Safe Happen”
  • Best Possible Statement of brand Values – Jeep “This Land”
  • Worst Statement of name Values – Skechers “Hall”
  • Highest Use Of Celebrity – Kia “Sudden”
  • Worst Use Of Superstar – Tmobile “#KimDataStash”
  • Best Figuring Out Of audience – Carls Jr. “Au Natural”
  • Worst Figuring Out Of audience – Mercedes-Benz “the big Race”

Highest Advertising And Marketing Technique Total – Wix “It’s that simple”

Of the entire brands merchandising all the way through the large recreation, Wix.com is prone to see the biggest outcomes thanks to the truth that the emblem remains to be a relatively unknown online website building service. Serving To their argument was once a Creative and smartly achieved ad that featured a whole lot of legendary NFL greats and Great integration of their carrier as each NFL famous person launches their very own industry with a corresponding web site.  The underlying message used to be clear — if you are taking into account starting a business, Wix.com is so easy to use even former NFL players can do it.

Worst Advertising Technique Overall – Lexus “Make Some Noise”

It Is by no means a good signal Whilst You run the identical abnormal ad that you might for an unusual NFL game right through the Super Bowl. It Is even worse in case you Occur to be an automaker that trades Ultimate minute slots to get two coveted 30 second spots after which proceed to waste them with uninspired Creative, random photographs of a Car zipping via a storage with folks dancing and a far off managed version of a Car doing tips.  The message, if there’s one, is perplexed and the two commercials appear naturally finished via two different Ingenious groups working from two totally different briefs … the other of being strategic.

Easiest Alignment To Current Strategy – Snickers “The Brady Bunch”

In a world filled with glorified candy bar fashion products (ie – granola bars!) which can be promoted as wholesome, I Like the best way that Snickers has managed to steer clear of this minefield for years with their “You’re no longer you While You’re hungry” campaign. The message is understated – after consuming a Snickers you received’t be hungry again. It’s not a kale salad in a bar, and it doesn’t faux to be. Instead, this latest installment of the long operating marketing campaign includes a funny tie-in to the Brady Bunch, some impressive different results, a celeb cameo and the identical message as All The Time. You Can’t Always have Betty White, however this execution nonetheless works.

Worst Alignment To Existing Technique – esurance “Walter White”

Ultimate 12 months, esurance brilliantly took on Geico’s longstanding declare “15 Minutes may save you 15% or more” claim with a series of commercials sharing how Quarter-hour was once too lengthy. It hit right at some of the things customers care most about with regards to Automotive insurance (or anything else) – their own time. The Opposite top difficulty, in fact, is saving money.  Two new commercials from the Tremendous Bowl this 12 months addressed neither of these considerations, while alternately featuring Bryan Cranston reprising his function as Walter White from Breaking Bad, and Lindsay Lohan reprising her Actual lifestyles position as um, a foul driver?  Each share the new tagline “Sorta You Isn’t You” promising to By Some Means customise the car insurance buying course of even additional.  Like them or no longer, at least Geico is familiar with the two issues their target market cares most about.  This new advert illustrates precisely why departing from a good Technique too speedy is Always a mistake – and more than likely the biggest one that entrepreneurs make.

Most Strategically Inventive – BMW i3 “Newfangled Concept”

Everyone loves to peer a new cool taking a look Car. When that Car is presented along with a suave Inventive concept of pertaining to the media experience of awe and confusion at its introduction to the same response which greeted the introduction of the Web 21 years ago, it stands out.  Most Likely the most strategically impressive thing about this advert, though, is how BMW managed to take credit for pioneering what gave the look of the primary electric Automotive produced – despite the fact that there are many others. The Use Of sensible Ingenious to entertain, and claim possession of a whole category.  This Is The Reason this ad and the Inventive at the back of it labored so well.

Worst Strategically Inventive – Nissan “Cat’s In The Cradle”

Days before the game, when explaining Nissan’s 18 12 months absence from promotion all the way through the Super Bowl, the one of the vital Model’s execs shared in an interview that part of the goal of doing the advert was to get people to “stop in their tracks and think a bit bit.” This year’s ad – a guilt inducing story about a boy who misses his race Car driver Dad was extremely emotional, and extremely complicated concurrently. Are they saying we will have to spend more time with our children? Does Nissan Lend A Hand us do this Come What May? The advert used to be a kind of excellent examples of a fantastically told story with out much tie in back to the brand that advised it to us In The first place.

Highest Strategic Timing – Weight Watchers “All Which You Could Devour”

In almost certainly my favourite spot of your entire Super Bowl, Weight Watchers delivered an onslaught of meals Advertising messages that appeared eerily real looking with the intention to alternate the voice in our head that claims we should Consume the whole lot that is put in front of us. The empowering message at the back of the spot is that you’ve got the ability to take again regulate.  And Weight Watchers can Assist.  Nice message, beautiful execution and excellent timing to deliver right through a sports experience where persons are almost definitely eating all varieties of junk meals anyway.

Easiest Capitalizing On Great Technique – All The Time “#likeagirl”

When Always’s #likeagirl campaign went viral Final 12 months to point out how ladies lose their self confidence as they attain puberty, it’s good to imagine their workforce buying and selling kudos and transferring on to their subsequent big Idea.  Instead, the brand doubled down on the video and Total campaign by way of buying time to share it with more folks. I Love when a Brand finds a winner, and resists the temptation to depart it in the back of just because a new chance comes along.

Worst Capitalizing On Nice Strategy – Chevy Colorado “you understand you want A Truck”

Just minutes prior to the game started, the first Tremendous Bowl spot for the new Chevy Colorado truck gave Americans a collective coronary heart assault by using  pretending their TELEVISION sets had been broken and doing the second half of of the advert with out sound. The promise from the advert was that their newest truck has 4G LTE to permit for video streaming on the go.  Sadly, the entire “you now you need a truck” message of the ad neglected the fact that the Tremendous Bowl attracts a special audience than a standard NFL recreation.  The advert would be been much at an advantage on a Brand level to advertise a couple of vehicles As A Substitute of Simply the one truck.

Absolute Best Ongoing Model Strategy – Doritos “Middle Seat” & “When Pigs Fly”

A Few years ago, crowdsourcing Super Bowl advert ideas used to be en vogue and numerous manufacturers were trying it.  You Have To admire Doritos as being the one one that caught to the Strategy and the logo is realizing some outcomes from that option yr after yr.  2015 used to be no completely different as more than one spots from “Center Seat” to “Pigs Fly” featured distinctive scenarios, quite a lot of Doritos product placement and But every other collection of confirmed and funny ideas to execute Within The ads.  It’s no surprise Doritos commercials rank highly for leisure Worth yr after 12 months.

Worst Ongoing Brand Technique – Bud Mild Whatever Happens “Coin”

For greater than a yr Bud Gentle has targeted its Technique on portraying the beer as a software with a purpose to have extra spontaneous fun – But selecting to give a random particular person a night to remember from a bar has At All Times gave the impression far fetched.  In This 12 months’s latest edition of the same Concept again and again, the fellow chosen turns into p.c.man in a human sized percentMan sport.  I think there are some %man fans delighted to be a part of the resurgence.  For the rest of us, this new advert was once Simply as random as any of the others On This collection – and random isn’t At All Times a just right factor.

Highest Strategic Use Of Emotion – Dove Males + Care “Actual Power”

Considered One Of my favourite developments in Tremendous Bowl promoting during the last A Couple Of years is how the portrayal of guys seems to be evolving past the drunken–woman-chasing-slob that was once as soon as regularly portrayed.  Instead, this ad makes a powerful and emotional case for what it takes to be a “Actual man” and maintain others.  The tone and filming of the ad is even sufficient to make up for the jarring voice over and overly perfected product shot at the finish.

Worst Strategic Use Of Emotion – Nationwide “Make Protected Happen”

Within The ad that was once universally lampooned on social media for “bumming Everybody out,” Nationwide reminded us of all of the dangers that our children face by using having a younger boy share all of the childhood experiences he is going to fail to notice as a result of he’s dead. Ouch. For the logo that gave us that catchy jingle the Peyton Manning can’t stop singing and a humorous 2d ad featuring Mindy Kaling and Matt Damon, this ad was no longer best a departure … it used to be like that evil voice for your head that At All Times reminds you that irrespective of how a lot fun you’re having, there is At All Times one thing to be fearful of.  No One likes that voice.

Easiest Observation of name Values – Jeep “This Land”

When an advert starts out with a Car using on an open road accompanied by using a singer’s rendition of “This Land” – I’m with reference to able to mark it as the most obvious kind of Advertising cliche we steadily see in Tremendous Bowl commercials. As A Substitute, this advert shocked me. First Of All, with its uncommon possibility to indicate us a world outdoor of The Usa all the way through the Tremendous Bowl (gasp!) – and 2d for the larger message it shared about treating the world with appreciate that appears perfectly on Brand for Jeep.  Because Of This, this used to be probably the most few commercials this 12 months which built-in a product message with a social one and blended the two together in a way that really labored.

Worst Remark of brand name Values – Skechers “Hall”

If there used to be a second when Skechers first bumped into ethical Model problems, it was with their unwell fated copycat launch of a social good software called BOBS that was mirrored precisely on the adaptation of TOMS and launched to lots of on-line ridicule back in 2010.  When You Consider That then, their “firming footwear” launched a firestorm and eventual settlement with the FTC over false merchandising claims.  So, to put it mildly, the emblem has had its fair proportion of ethical setbacks … which makes their selection of The Usage Of Pete Rose as a spokesperson in their 15 2nd spot this year a becoming choice.  Unfortunately, it nonetheless says nothing just right a few Brand that would truly use a more sure Strategy and spokesperson.

Very Best Use Of Famous Person – Kia “Sudden” (Pierce Brosnan)

While You use Pierce Brosnan in a TV spot, the most Surprising factor for him to do will not be transform an action hero.  In Perhaps the perfect homage to the fact that Brosnan is a former James Bond and now could choose to spend his time in a extra enjoyable means, the advert now not handiest featured a captivating story line – it also appeared completely true to how the pitching session to get him to agree to do this ad almost certainly went … all of the means all the way down to the beautiful voice over all the manner on the end the place he asks if he will get to keep the auto, and the proclaims “I’m in” after they are saying yes.

Worst Use Of Celebrity – Tmobile “#KimDataStash” (Kim Kardashian West)

Every Year there are celebrities prepared to take an excellent Bowl function – and continuously they do it to poke enjoyable at themselves. This year, the good activity award goes to Liam Neeson for his Clash of Clans gaming ad.  Kim Kardashian, then again, comes throughout On This spot for tMobile as stiff and practiced. In Fact, the only redeeming part of this ad is the truth that is sort of pokes fun at all those Information hungry buyers who need get right of entry to to their telephones always simply so they may be able to keep up to date on social media “news” like Kim’s outfits.  It Would be clever if the shaggy dog story was on goal.

Perfect Understanding Of target audience – Carls Jr. “Au Pure”

There Is Not Any denying this advert is totally offensive and totally objectifies girls. Yet for its target market, the ad strikes an ideal combination of sex enchantment and easy message.  Pure is best, and Carl’s Jr. is the one quick meals place to have a Natural grass fed red meat burger on their menu. For the 20-one thing yr previous man this advert targets, Charlotte McKinney will get his consideration – but he might Just needless to say to take a look at that burger too. Make fun of the drained Strategy of having Tremendous models take pretend bites of burgers bigger than their faces all you need.  This ad will work perfectly for exactly who they’re trying to target.

Worst Working Out Of target audience – Mercedes-Benz “the big Race”

Come What May I Believe like I’ve considered the story of the tortoise beating the hare via getting into a quick Automotive sooner than.  Evident story line aside, it seems like this animated ad is a unusual choice to sell a brand new sports Car from Mercedes, and Simply appeared plain peculiar. Full with Dangerous puns about “hare-raising” design and how the automobile “isn’t any fairy story” – the rampant use of cliches, the complete scripting and execution of this spot looked like the budget used to be totally spent on trying to create Nice animation and not using a attention on the truth that even a beautifully animated scene wants a just right script to make it work.

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