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Sex Box, a show where couples have sex in a box, fails to impress

Sex Box, a show where couples have sex in a box, fails to impress

Debuting on Friday, February 27 on WE TV, ‘Intercourse Field’ is a new reality express wherein couples have Sex within a soundproof, digital camera-free chamber that’s been positioned in front of a reside studio audience. After coitus supposedly occurs inside the aforementioned Box of sexy Occasions, the pajama-clad couple exits to speak about sexual intimacy and different emotional issues related to their relationship with a panel of docs, relationship counselors, the are living studio target market and the rest of America.

The Concept for the express in truth bought its begin in Britain on Channel 4 all through late 2013. The Unique model, also called ‘Intercourse Field,’ debuted to 1.1 million viewers. Alternatively, that viewership determine plummeted all the way through the primary episode and the ratings continued to fall for the remainder six episode of the collection. Critics, as well as viewers, principally had poor opinions about the series and a brand new season hasn’t regarded on Channel 4 because the late episode aired on October 15, 2013.

After All, that didn’t cease WE TV tv producers from reviving the show for American audiences. Unsurprisingly, the reception to the American version of the convey has additionally been extremely vital. Right Here’s a pattern of three early evaluations:

ny Occasions

“One authentic thing about “Sex Field”: Gazing it is more or less like bad Intercourse — the clock Gazing, the profound embarrassment, the desire to take a look at your e-mail. Engage in too much of it, and you’ll need to restore your relationship with your TELEVISION.”

Washington Post

“It Might be any such better convey if the Sex Field, as soon as occupied, may then be diminished onto a delivery vessel bound for the Asian continent, or shot into orbit via Richard Branson, or pushed to a storage unit in West Covina and stashed away. One Thing, the rest to make up for the time wasted Gazing ‘Intercourse Box’.”


“Like almost all reality television, “Sex Field” needs to be provocative, but no longer too provocative; vaguely laudatory, however no longer truly groundbreaking. It performs up society’s paradoxes with out in the hunt for to resolve them, and makes cash off the gradient.”

Simply as unsurprising because the negative quality of a truth show known as ‘Intercourse Field,’ parental activist groups try to rally enhance in the back of on-line petitions that may take away WE TV from normal cable bundles. In Fact, the chance of that occurring ahead of WE TELEVISION cancels ‘Sex Box’ over potentially dismal rankings, much like the British model of the show, is any individual’s guess.

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