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Russell Crowe Can’t Stop Flirting With Elizabeth Hurley on TV, Eventually Plants a Kiss on Her Lips—Watch Now!

Russell Crowe Can’t Stop Flirting With Elizabeth Hurley on TV, Eventually Plants a Kiss on Her Lips—Watch Now!

Well naturally, we’re now not the only ones obsessed with Elizabeth Hurley.  

Whereas stopping through The Jonathan Ross Convey Saturday evening in London, The Royals megastar came upon she had quite the famous admirer. Turns Out fellow visitor Russell Crowe has been somewhat the fan of Queen Helena for a few years.

When requested how he first met the lovely actress, Crowe published it was more than 30 years ago when he was once asked to be a dog walker for Hurley’s pet.

“I don’t know who I’m Going To meet so I’m Going round to this house, knock on the door and a 21-year-old Elizabeth Hurley opens the door in a men’s business shirt and nothing else,” Crowe recalled. “I just concept ‘thanks Jesus.'”

VIDEO: Elizabeth Hurley plays “Would You Rather?” 

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To his credit, the Hollywood actor made moderately the influence on his service provider as Neatly. “I Do Not take into account that the shirt however I do understand that Russell,” Hurley proclaimed. “He was once the horny Australian that used to come back round.”

Attempt To play it cool, Russell.  

As if the Gladiator star wanted to make it more clear that he appreciated Hurley, Crowe additionally discovered a option to praise her Versace dress from 20 lengthy years ago.

“I was in The United States last week and people have been telling me that the gown is having its 20th birthday,” Hurley explained. “I’m like, ‘What are you speaking about?’ It Is unusual. I Do Not get it.”

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“Oh, I get it,” Crowe delivered inferring that the disclosing ensemble seemed relatively impressive on the actress. “If any one wants it defined, I’ll be available after the Show.”

Luckily, he didn’t have to wait too long for an extra thrill. When host Jonathan Ross started to play a sport titled “Would I Misinform You?,” Crowe come what may, by some means introduced up the truth that he’s never been kissed by Hurley.

What comes next? Smartly, in all probability you will have to watch the video above to search out out.

Do you admire Elizabeth Hurley just like Russell Crowe? Then watch new episodes of The Royals Sunday nights at 10 p.m. most effective on E! 

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