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Handpick: The solution to your foodporn problem

Handpick: The solution to your foodporn problem

The Issue: You’ve came upon a dish so delish on Instagram that you simply’ve drooled all over the counter. However That You Can’t find the recipe anywhere.

Or image this: You’ve eventually gotten dwelling and also you’re starving. Open your fridge and all you see are odds and ends, ingredients left over from other Meals that don’t quite go together in any recipe you realize. You dread the idea of heading back out to the store to fill within the missing pieces, and also you’d relatively shop a greenback than order out. You Have To crack a cookbook (probably not) or hop on Pinterest or Instagram and root around unless you find one thing that makes use of what you’ve obtained, However through then your stomach would be screaming at you.

Better to use Handpick, The Perfect Meals discovery app yet.

Handpick has been around since 2013 and has grown into a powerful search tool, combing foodie sites and blogs in addition to Pinterest and Instagram posts to existing customers with recipes and drool-inducing Meals p.c. and concepts. It’s 100 instances as huge as the most important recipe site. It provides tens of millions of new posts to its Meals recommendation engine daily. Like a hungry athlete, it will swallow you entire.

Associated: These different plates make Meals photographs practically necessary

Very Similar To Pinterest, you start off with a photo feed (on this case, of Meals); click on one and it takes you to a quick breakdown of the dish. Which You Can come to a decision to file these into subject matters, that allows you to steer Handpick towards Better picks (or %) for you. Alternately, Which You Could search by using subject, like Children Meals or the home of Carbs, or One Of The Best Eggporn (yep). A 2nd click takes you to the site that hosts the recipe. Consider Handpick an aggregate of all your favourite Meals websites in a single at hand app.

Handpick soba noodles

The Best feature is the ingredient search – Pinterest and Instagram don’t have anything rather like it. You Could make a choice your elements from over 10,000 listed and Handpick will show you a series of pictures that includes your selections. Handpick makes it easy to scrub out the fridge with out consuming Meals that style like unfortunate mistakes.

Yes, plenty of residence cooks love Pinterest or Instagram for notion. But on each, infrequently links go nowhere; and with Instagram, Food search capabilities are limited. Handpick has discovered a solution to in finding recipes for that scrumptious having a look meal, which is in point of fact only a picture instead of a link. The New “Recipe Healthy” feature takes a shared picture and matches it with a recipe or set of recipes, negating annoying “this page does now not exist” messages you might get from different sites.

Handpick ingredient search and topics

How is Handpick so awesome, one might ask? In Addition To saving you a couple of bucks via conserving you from letting these last few unhappy celery stalks go unhealthy, it’s the proprietary picture reputation and associated algorithm that reads the hashtags as neatly analyzes the image for visible components to figure out what you’re looking at and find the recipe that make the use of Handpick more handy than the use of Instagram alone.

With the ingredient search function, Handpick is already a really perfect app. With the addition of The Brand New image recognition capacity, Handpick will help Instagram and confidently other apps be more useful. For Many Who’re merchandising their skills, this addition of the Handpick search function approach extra people who find themselves in reality in search of Meals and recipes will see your posts. Instagram is Handpick’s first accomplice for Recipe Suit and Social Food Search; let’s hope other sites commence using it, too.

Check It Out on Android or your i-toy. It’s one small step to a meal, and one great step for mealtime.

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