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No More Paying for Facebook Likes on Ads, But Here’s Why You Still Can’t Ignore Them

No More Paying for Facebook Likes on Ads, But Here’s Why You Still Can’t Ignore Them

This week, Fb updated the way CPC is calculated to bargain any affect from likes, shares and Comments. Any More, best clicks to web pages and apps and on the Keep Now button will issue into the CPC calculation.

No More Paying for Facebook Likes


And you already know what? It’s about damn time!


Simply this spring, ‘Fb Likes’ topped my hit listing of the six most needless Advertising And Marketing metrics that wanted to die. Likes are a bad solution to measure organic engagement (what does a Like if truth be told inform you??) But they had been even more horrific in Commercials, where you if truth be told had to pay for them.

As A Substitute, Facebook is going to focus on if truth be told serving to advertisers meet their explicit targets, like riding individuals to a website or changing a prospect to a buyer.

Likes had Just change into so meaningless; individuals Like Any varieties of content material with no intent of ever interacting with the logo once more, or traveling the website online, or turning into a consumer. On The Other Hand, simply because they’re minimize out of the CPC calculation doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care in any respect about making Likeable Ads.

This Is what Fb says about the new CPC calculation:

“We’re updating CPC to only account for what we Name “link clicks” — i.e., the clicks related to sure advert targets:

●Clicks to talk over with any other website online

●Call-to-motion clicks that go to another site (i.e., “Keep Now”)

●Clicks to install an app

●Clicks to Fb canvas apps

●Clicks to view a video on another web site”

But they also stated, “If an ad has a number of likes and shares, that’s a signal of high quality content material being delivered to the fitting individuals. This positive signal helps Advertisements perform higher at public sale, and advertisers can still bid for engagement clicks (together with Feedback, likes and shares) via selecting different optimization choices if they wish.”

So Fb Likes gained’t cost you, But unLikeable Ads still may. See, Fb makes use of an algorithm to determine the Relevance Score for every advert (it’s basically a quality Score measurement). This determines the placement and value of your Fb advert.


Facebook’s removing of Likes from the CPC calculation doesn’t utterly devalue Likes on Ads. Rather, they’re now an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to power their prices down and make sure that better placement at no additional cost.

So what should you do subsequent? Fb says:

●For Those Who buy through a Fb interface (like Commercials Manager or Power Editor): You don’t need to do anything else right now. They’ll share further details about the updated CPC’s implementation in our interfaces. They’ll additionally provide messaging within the interfaces themselves once the trade has happened.

●When You buy thru a Facebook Advertising Accomplice: You should discuss along with your Advertising And Marketing Accomplice to be mindful after they’ll be enforcing the new API with updated CPC.

●If You buy in the course of the API: That You Would Be Able To begin buying Commercials with the updated CPC nowadays (July Eight) in v2.4 of the Advertisements API. If wanted, Which You Could continue the use of the existing CPC definition unless October 7. After this date, handiest the updated CPC will be on hand.

And personally, I Like To Recommend that you just continue optimizing your Ads for Likes, Comments and Shares, as a result of these are nonetheless the methods during which content extends its organic reach. If no one engages with your Commercials, you’re going to have crappier placement and pay Extra for every Click.

On This approach, great Fb advert strategy will nonetheless very so much have Likes high of mind — even though Fb’s CPC calculation doesn’t.

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