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SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic]

SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic]

SlideShare is without doubt one of the more underrated tools for social media entrepreneurs. Or possibly now not underrated – it’s clear that many experts are well aware of the platform’s advantages and makes use of – but lesser discussed. Whereas some digital leaders have trumpeted the advantages of SlideShare for a while, it’s nonetheless viewed as one thing of an add-on, fairly than a network in its personal right.

As A Way To exchange this, SlideShare has as of late introduced a brand new, Pinterest-like function referred to as ‘Clipping’ which is designed to help users ‘habits and prepare research and research any subject speedy’ by way of the SlideShare platform. Although, curiously, Whereas constructing on its Options and bettering on-platform functionality, SlideShare has Additionally re-branded as ‘LinkedIn SlideShare’, underlining its ties again to the wider LinkedIn eco-machine.  

Clipping primarily allows you to shop your favourite slides from any LinkedIn SlideShare deck – while you’re viewing a presentation, you’ll see a new choice within the backside right of the slide which says “Clip Slide”:

<img alt="SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic] allows you to ‘clip’ particular person slides and retailer them to a ‘matter based totally clipboard’, which is basically a Pinterest board, which that you can organize with the aid of topic or author.

<img alt="SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic] Once You’ve saved your clips, that you can arrange your boards and share them by means of your social networks – within the reputable submit, LinkedIn SlideShare offers some examples, including Reid Hoffman’s “Career Strategy” board and Ann Handley’s “Content Material Advertising Truths” collection.

<img alt="SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic] an interesting addition which can present some further performance to the general LinkedIn SlideShare expertise, Though I Suspect most would favor to see slides within the wider context of their general presentation, as opposed to for my part. Additionally, I don’t understand that I Admire having to jot down 'LinkedIn SlideShare', as opposed to just 'SlideShare'.

In an accompanying weblog publish, LinkedIn SlideShare (there it’s again) lays out the case for why they’ve chosen so as to add new filtering options, noting that there’s now 70 million mavens the use of the platform monthly, with over ’18 million items of data’ created and share via slide.

“There’s so much information at our fingertips these days, but it surely’s frequently exhausting to separate the great high quality Content Material from the noise. With Clipping, research is made more uncomplicated, and Clipboards are a to hand approach to maintain the whole thing organized through topic.”

They’ve Also equipped an infographic on the general Growth and evolution of the LinkedIn SlideShare platform, including the be aware that it is now among the top A Hundred most visited web pages on this planet.

<img alt="SlideShare Re-Brands, Adds New Features, Highlights Growth [Infographic] Supply Link




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