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The First #GOPDebate: Social Media Reaction and More

The First #GOPDebate: Social Media Reaction and More

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Closing night the Republican Birthday Party held the primary two debates of the 2016 presidential election. Two debates as a result of, due to the overabundance of candidates in the GOP field, one debate Was Once held for 10 front runners whereas any other debate, held prior in the day, Used To Be host to 7 of the “2nd-tier” candidates. Via all bills the debates had been vigorous and eventful, as Was the social media and internet Response to them.

One Of The Crucial ways in which the Information media now likes to measure who is getting probably the most attention at presidential debates is through reside Google search metrics. Basically, who has their name taking drugs in probably the most Google searches. In That Case two winners were, in step with the Washington Post, Ted Cruz, whose introduction created a huge spike on Google, and Ben Carson, whose answer on terrorism and shutting remarks also garnered a leap in searches.

Carson Used To Be also high up within the “searches per minute” metric, although the undisputed winner there Was Once Donald Trump, despite the fact that his status as a celebrity lengthy earlier than he even jumped into the race, along with being a favorite internet punching bag, almost definitely supposed individuals were doing searches on him anyway.

In The Case Of the undercard, Former HP head Carly Fiorina is being trumpeted because the clear winner, as evidenced Via the flood of tweets worrying she be moved up to front-runner standing for the next debate:


This status as the primary debate leader Was codified Via The Usa’s premiere facts nerd Nate Silver in a tweet:

Nate silver

In Relation To social media attention, again, it just isn’t shocking that Donald Trump dominated in that area. Other reactions, to the Donald’s efficiency and in any other case, on social media included:



The International Industry Times has a just right collection of Reaction tweets you must inspect.

Truly though, the undisputed winner of the debates looked as if it would were moderator and Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who went after the candidates with gusto while generally keeping off dreaded ‘gotcha’ questions.

You Could tell she Was Once honest as a result of one in all her main targets, Donald Trump, later went on twitter to kvetch and whine about Kelly and her fellow moderator Frank Luntz, which candidates usually most effective do after they’ve been crushed in a debate.

His whining additionally result in my favorite Reaction tweet:

So the Presidential Debate season is off to a lively start! Now we simply have a few hundred Extra debates to get through sooner than the true presidential election starts offevolved.

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