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A New App Was Just Invented to Allow Instagram Users to Stalk in Peace

A New App Was Just Invented to Allow Instagram Users to Stalk in Peace

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So we have this buddy. This pal has a bit of little bit of a penchant for Instagram stalking. Nothing brings her more secret pleasure than scrolling back through semi-strangers’ feeds for weeks and weeks, taking in every coffee cup and sundown from that public profile. It’s Not Relevant who it is both; she’s an equal-possibility stalker. It May Be an ex-coworker, the brand new lady friend of her perfect friend’s ex-boyfriend and even somebody she met once at a bar. Actually any person she does not recognize neatly sufficient to if truth be told, you know, follow. 

I Believe all of us have this “good friend,” do not we?

And this “friend’s” worst nightmare is as a consequence: She’s casually 37 weeks back on the profile of her highschool boyfriend’s new spouse when—increase—her finger slips and she or he accidentally grazes the like button. Positive, You Could all the time unlike in a cut up-second’s time, But there isn’t a means of realizing whether or not this total stranger Just got a humiliating notification. It Can Be basically every “buddy’s” worst nightmare. 

However now these unintended likes can become a distant memory, due to a model new app.

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Introducing…Instasnoop. Somewhat shameful name apart, It’s a completely genius invention that permits you to stalk without a care in the world. It employs a function called Snooplist, through which You Can add Users to maintain tabs on with out the options of liking or commenting. It Can Be ridiculous and horrifying and totally excellent. Which You Could even add person PICTURES to the checklist in order for you to refer again to it greater than once (like, say, a ring shot).

It Was created by using model Olivia Orchowski, who considered the speculation while she Used To Be stalking her ex-boyfriend’s new female friend, obviously. Olivia, all of our “chums” thank you.

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