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A Reminder: Using a National Tragedy for Branding Purposes is a Bad Idea

A Reminder: Using a National Tragedy for Branding Purposes is a Bad Idea

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Only A quick reminder: 14 years ago these days on the subject of Three,000 folks died within the worst terrorist assault in the history of the U.S.. Each of those individuals have been people with their very own identities and lives, hopes and goals, fears and frustrations. Every one had family and friends that also mourn their loss to this day. The situations of that day deeply and irrevocably scarred no longer only these in an instant impacted by means of the tragedy, but also our united states as a whole.

So maybe, simply maybe, as of late is not the day for you to use the anniversary to advertise your Model on social media.

For God’s sake …

I’ve written about this kind of factor earlier than: Branding is a recreation of sure association, and as of late many social media managers are trying to determine a solution to get their Brand linked up in the minds of their buyers and followers with the emotions of resilient patriotism and sorrowful yet steadfast togetherness that we have come to associate with Sep 11 and its anniversaries. It Is pure, and even neatly-intended, to wish to honor the situations of that day by some means. But there may be, in my mind, absolutely no means for a Model to take action without coming off as cheesy and tone deaf.

Hundreds dead, that deserves a sale.

And That’s The Reason in the very best case state of affairs. Worst case, your Model comes of as a greedy asshole, profiting from pain like a Sep 11 commemorative plate in the form of a Twitter feed. This occurs every year, to the purpose where foolish lists of tasteless Model tweets are a go-to piece of filler for website and information writers the day after any Sep 11 anniversary.

Mistaken, on so many levels.

In Reality, the only Brand that looked as if it would have had any form good sentiment about the whole thing is Verizon, who summed up the one acceptable factor to do in one tweet:

Some issues are bigger than a product, or a Model, or a company’s advertising scheme. I wish there used to be extra to claim about it, But my sentiment can also be summarized with this: Stop it. Some things are bigger than all and sundry.

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