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Destiny's first exotic gear sale of 'The Taken King' era is all about armor

Destiny's first exotic gear sale of 'The Taken King' era is all about armor

Every Friday is a vacation if you end up a Destiny fan.

That’s when Xur, Agent of the Nine, seems in a random part of the sport’s social spaces to hawk his uncommon weapons and armor. As Long As you’ve gotten sufficient Ordinary Cash, a uncommon currency that may be picked up from random loot drops, Xur has the products for you.

Xur deals in Destiny‘s so-called “unique” equipment. In a game ruled by means of random loot drops, exotics are probably the most sought-after of all of them. They May Be also the only classification of substances in the recreation with usage restrictions; namely, You Can simplest have one unique armor piece and one unique weapon geared up at any given Moment.

Xur’s within the Tower or the Vestian Outpost from 4 a.m. ET on Friday to 4 a.m. ET on Sunday. He Is in the Tower this week. Turn left whilst you first spawn, then practice the hallway in entrance of you towards the Speaker’s Chamber component to the Tower. Xur is straight away across from the Chamber, standing proper in front of the large set of doorways.

An Insurmountable Skullfort (Titan helmet)

Destiny - An Insurmountable Skullfort Y2

Welcome to Yr Two, An Insurmountable Skullfort. You’re Going To see a lot more use now than you ever did ahead of.

On the surface, Skullfort is a Titan Strikers-simplest scenario. The signature improve, Superior Transfusion, offers you the power to have as much as two melee expenses saved and triggers well being regen with Each Storm Fist kill (the Striker’s melee). That Is supported through Invigoration, which promises bonus melee power whilst you pick up an Orb of light, and a one-or-the-different upgrade: Hands-On, which supplies you bonus Super power for melee kills in PvE, and Heavy Lifting, which does the identical for heavy weapon kills.

Strikers indisputably revel in the added benefit of health regen from Storm Fist kills with An Insurmountable Skullfort, however Sunbreakers and Defenders shouldn’t put out of your mind it. The Extra melee charge, which is a new feature for the Yr Two version of this helmet, benefits each of the opposite subclasses enough that the Storm Fist-centric nature of the signature improve is well lost sight of.

Cost: Thirteen Strange Coins

Younger Ahamkara’s Backbone (Hunter gauntlets)

Destiny - Young Ahamkaras Spine Y2

Some Other Yr Two upgrade. This one would not change a whole lot, so it is capabilities and makes use of are still the identical. The signature upgrade for Young Ahamkara’s Backbone namely advantages Hunter Gunslingers, providing an extra Tripmine Grenade charge and increasing the amount of time a Tripmine continues to be energetic.

Gunslingers tend to be extra standard in PvP or decrease-Stage PvE activities, considering that each the Bladedancer’s stealth and the Nightstalker’s give a boost to talents are hard to pass up for tougher challenges. And that works simply fantastic for these gauntlets. Having two Tripmines that last longer is useful for area keep an eye on and denial, which is a selected difficulty in PvP. If That You Can lock down a few doorways with explosives, That’s two less flanking routes to fret about.

Younger Ahamkara’s Spine also comes with two completely different pairs of improvements the place only one of each and every can be equipped at a time. There Is Hand Cannon Loader and Sniper Rifle Loader, which gives you the choice between boosting the reload velocity for either of these weapon classes. Then There Is Fastball and Momentum Switch; the former will increase grenade throwing distance and the latter gives you bonus melee power when your grenade deals damage.

Value: 13 Bizarre Cash

The Inconceivable Machines (Warlock gauntlets)

Destiny - The Impossible Machines Y2

Warlock Stormcallers, you lucky rascals. You get the only actual “new” exotic (as in brand new and now not only a Year Two upgrade) That’s on the market this week.

The signature upgrade offers Stormcallers the Landfall perk, which provides a bonus shockwave assault in the intervening time the Stormtrance Tremendous potential is activated. So If You Are surrounded and you pop your Super, Landfall straight away zaps everything round you.

The armor also serves up two both/or upgrade timber, identical to Younger Ahamkara’s Backbone. Pulse Rifle Loader or Fusion Rifle Loader boosts the reload pace of the referenced weapon classification. Then There’s Snap Discharge, which will increase melee attack velocity, versus Affect Induction, which provides you bonus grenade power for every melee hit.

If You Are using The Impossible Machines, look at pairing the free Landfall with Superconductor, which improves the effectiveness of Stormtrance’s chain lightning, in PvE activities. Ionic Blink, which allows you to teleport round whereas the Super is active, might be more useful in PvP considering most of the Crucible arenas are so tight and teams are likely to cluster together already.

Price: 13 Ordinary Cash

Random Engrams

Year Two brings an end to Xur’s assured weekly weapon offering, as many of The Brand New exotic weapons have shifted to quest rewards. Now he’ll carry along both a weapon or a random unique engram (it prices 19 Atypical Cash) that hasn’t but been decoded, which means you have to discuss with the Cryptarch to see what it’s. The New engrams at all times roll with a mild Degree of 290.

For This First week of Yr Two, You Could clutch an exotic helmet engram. Due To the best way engrams now work put up-The Taken King, every person the Cryptarch decodes has an elevated chance of changing into an unique you failed to have to your stock yet. So for those who’ve been saving up those Strange Cash, That You May spend a bunch this week to get yourself some fancy, new helmets.

Year Two Xur may also be promoting a Legacy Engram (31 Atypical Coins) every week. This Is particularly aimed toward collectors that wish to possess Every single exotic in the recreation. The engram only spits out 12 Months One gear, but you’ll want to for filling any holes you’ll have for your arsenal. This Primary week’s Legacy Engram is for heavy weapons.


The Xur stock tweaks do not stop there. Xur’s choice of consumables — which used to include weapon telemetries — is smaller now. Which You Could still buy uncommon Sparrow upgrades: this week’s options embrace a Plasma Pressure that enhances the velocity and durability of uncommon (blue) Sparrows and provides a blue contrail and an Emerald Coil, which works the same as a Plasma Drive however gives the Sparrow a green contrail. They Value 23 Ordinary Cash apiece.

Xur additionally still sells bundles of Heavy Ammo Synthesis, which refills your supply of heavy shots when used. The bundles are smaller now, on the other hand. You get three synths for every person Atypical Coin you spend (it was five-for-one).

Ultimately, we now have something totally new: Three of Coins. Offered in stacks of five for 7 Atypical Coins a bundle, Three of Cash is a consumable that enhances your probabilities of scoring an unique drop from the next Extremely-category enemy you face.

We’re not clear on how the true numbers shake out simply but, however should you’ve bought a bunch of Extraordinary Cash mendacity around, there’s no hurt in shopping for just a few stacks of those. Xur’s weekly unique offering is constant and dependable, but Three of Cash performs into the joys of Future‘s inherent randomness. It makes these finish-of-Strike boss fights that much more exciting.

If You Wish To dive even deeper on the relative worth of Xur’s providing this week, head over to the Destiny subreddit. Person aWrySharK (He Is on Twitter now, too) is back this week with diagnosis of each armor offering’s stat rolls. Join the discussion for this week right here.

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