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Donate sperm, get an iPhone 6, Chinese marketers boast

Donate sperm, get an iPhone 6, Chinese marketers boast

Confronted with a scarcity of sperm donors, Chinese Language sperm banks have a brand new marketing ploy: They’re promoting iPhones in trade for donations.

Well, sort of. The going rate for donations seems to hover between 5,000 yuan (US$785.Sixty Eight) and 6,000 yuan (US$942.Eighty Two), which is sufficient to quilt the us$649 wanted for a 16GB iPhone 6S when it comes out.

Several sperm banks are distributing flyers and taking away newspaper ads with iPhones prominently displayed on top, in the hopes of catching more eyes with their plea.

For Example, the Renji Clinic in Shanghai started distributing a digital flyer (hyperlink in Chinese Language) on chat app WeChat, offering 6,000 yuan (US$942.82) in addition to a free medical test. It even states that men can donate over A Couple Of periods within a six-month stretch, because a standard “session” will produce someplace between 2 milliliters and 6 milliliters of a sample.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.38.54 am

Renji Clinic’s sperm donation room.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.39.03 am

The donation room has a brilliant blue couch chair.

A Jiangsu sperm bank is offering 5,000 yuan (US$785.Sixty Eight) for donations, a newspaper advert states. It raised this quantity from Three,500 yuan (US$549.99), in keeping with a group of bloggers.


Sperm donors wished, newspaper ad states.

A Hubei province sperm bank is even more brazen in its advertising and marketing tagline. It says “you do not have to Promote a kidney” to buy an iPhone 6S anymore.


“Promoting a kidney” is in reference to reports of people donating their organs for iPhones and iPads previously. In 2011, a 17-yr-outdated boy from the Hunan province donated certainly one of his kidneys for the Apple gadgets. Promoting a kidney, or maishen, has become a catchphrase for the lengths that individuals will go for iPhones in the united states of america.

Some porn websites are catching onto the meme as Smartly. An account calling itself the “Zhengzhou sperm financial institution” has been posting on Weibo with the information and its porn website online handle.

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 10.18.49 am

China has strict rules governing sperm banks. There are 18 accepted in the united states of america, and inspection on samples can take up to 10 months ahead of each and every may also be cleared for use.

The going rate for samples at the u . s .’s newest bank in Guangxi was between Three,000 yuan (US$471.Forty Two) and 4,000 yuan (US$628.Fifty Seven) consistent with a 2014 document.

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