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DudeManBro! All of Your Favorite Restaurants Have a Secret 4/20 Menu You Didn't Know About!

DudeManBro! All of Your Favorite Restaurants Have a Secret 4/20 Menu You Didn't Know About!

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Dominique Haikel

Fri., Sep. 25, 2015 6:Forty One PM PDT

Taco Bell Guy

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Forget Tupac and The Berenstain Bears, this is the conspiracy thought of our technology!

Truth: Did you recognize Taco Bell’s “Dare Satan Loaded Grillers” are exactly 420 energy? NBD, you say? Pause. You’re telling us the culinary Mecca of blazerville simply occurs to have its munchiest menu item calorically catered to potheads far and wide? Please. 

It Can Be not just Taco Bell which is Living Más, either. Did you occur to note that nearly all your Favorite chains have suspiciously stoner-ific menu items listed at 420 energy apiece? In Fact you did not, You’re mildly blazed. However we did, and a few questions stay unanswered.

Are our favorite haunts no longer so secretly run by stoners? Are folks indeed intended to blaze ahead of scarfing a huge Mac? Are we simply being paranoid? Prepare to go back and forth, chocolate chip. Take our hand as we information you down this insane uncharted rabbit gap. 

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420 Foods, Taco Bell DareDevil Loaded Griller

We geeked when Redditor Woofshark mentioned that T-Bell’s “Dare Satan Loaded Grillers” are precisely 420 calories If You Happen To order the mildly spiced model. As die-exhausting fans of mentioned institution, we’re ashamed we by no means seen this unless now. We needed to inspect further. What other institutions have been in on this conspiracy cult menu!? 

420 Foods, White Castle Chicken Slider

This will have to come as a shock to no one that White Citadel serves a sexy little “Hen Supreme Slider” for 420 calories a pop. Twist Of Fate!?

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420 Foods, IHOP Fruit 'N Streusel Sweet Cream Cheese Crepe

When You and your pals are feeling that household-type kind of stoned, even “child-pleasant” IHOP has got you coated. And Also You idea this was a healthy institution! We’re keen to bet they will never admit to their mysterious marijuana thoughts-video games. The “Pancake with Cinnamon Apple Topping,” “Fruit ”N Streusel Sweet Cream Cheese Crêpe,” and two smoked sausage links are each and every 420 friendly energy.

420 Foods, Dominos Stuffed Cheesy Bread

Obvs Dominos is in on it too. They understand dang Well none of their Kushy clientele are about the go away the home after an outstanding sesh. That beind stated, we’re yes they invented the 420 calorie “Stuffed Tacky Bread” only for them. Wise transfer, Dominos. We’re onto you.

420 Foods, Chipotle Sofritas Burrito Bowl

“Sofritas Burrito Bowl” is Chipotle for “vegetarians gotta blaze too.” Due To The Fact they will never confess to that remark, this is more proof. Should You load your bowl (ha) with fajita veggies, brown rice, tomato salsa, and green tomatillo, which you could officially imagine your self a secret culinary member of a power-themed cult.                             

420 Foods, Cold Stone Creamery Cake Batter Confetti cake

Ordering a complete cake is not out of the query when you’re Chilly Stone’d (so sorry) out of your gourd. But inform us, scrumptious dairy kween, why did you come to a decision to make your “Cake Batter Confetti” taste a 420 calorie experience? What are you trying to say, Cold Stone!?

420 Foods, Arbys Breakfast Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit

Thirsty-ass Arby’s over here isn’t doing any better hiding their inexperienced-friendly fare. They’re very nearly begging their buyers to burner on over and order the 420-calorie “Breakfast Ham, Egg & Cheese Biscuit” after their wake-and-bake roto. 

420 Foods, Popeyes Bonafied Spicy Chicken Breast

You higher consider the Southern slay-o-saurus, Popeyes, can be a secret menu perpetrator. The joint (these pot puns getting outdated but?) is serving up its “Bonafide Spicy Chicken Breast, for, you guessed it, 420 energy.” Smartly played, Popeyes, Well played. 

What do you guys think? Secret 420 conspiracy or pot-induced paranoia? Share your High-and-mighty opinions in the feedback part! 

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