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Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Makes Jokes, Follows NSA

Edward Snowden Joins Twitter, Makes Jokes, Follows NSA

Despite exposing the federal government’s most beneficial secrets and techniques and illegal actions, being the topic of an international manhunt, getting called a traitor and accused of high treason, ending up exiled from his own usa, and having to make his residence in another country hostile to his own pursuits, it’s nice to understand that Edward Snowden is preserving his humorousness about him.

In case you haven’t heard, Snowden, the controversial determine who leaked information about mass surveillance conducted via the Nationwide Security Company to the click, has joined Twitter with the handle @Snowden, and the few tweets he has, um, tweeted thus far have revealed any individual who has rather somewhat of cheek in the midst of dire cases.

His opening tweet was once this:

To which the only solution is yes, most unquestionably. (That one tweet has been retweeted over A Hundred,000 occasions.)

He was welcomed to the world of social media with the aid of none rather then scientist Neil deGrasse Tyson, to which he answered:

And his latest tweet addresses the weird anxiousness that lots of people in the intelligence community must be feeling as the information of Snowden’s new Twitter account gets around:

But, in a gesture of supreme snark, Snowden packaged his absolute best Comic Story in the truth that he’s currently following precisely one different Twitter account, and right here it is:

I'm watching you!

Oh, and he already has greater than one million followers, which is to be expected for any such divisive and news-invaluable public figure, However continues to be spectacular to me, because I Will’t get my follower rely over 30, including spambots. Boo.

In NPR’s coverage of the new account, they hinted that Snowden’s new standing as a Twitter-er could have an impact on the Presidential election through bringing NSA surveillance again into the information. Which seems unlikely, nevertheless it’s politics, so there may be going to be meaningless hypothesis no matter what.

Twitter itself cited the influence of his new account with a gif demonstrating the rate at which the arena took discover:

And now that I’ve written about this subject and visited Snowden’s Twitter account a few occasions, I Am most probably on some secret listing of subversives somewhere. So there’s that.

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